IDENTIFY 31/08/2017 – Mallory

Tensal – 1088x [Falling Ethics]
Motionen – Aero [Ascetic Limited]
Motionen – Imago [Ascetic Limited]
Talker – Snub Nose [Standards & Practices]
VC118A – Trigger [Radio Matrix]
Vatican Shadow – Crown Prince Hamza [Hospital Productions]
Delta Funktionen – Warp Drive [Radio Matrix]
Energun – Fraud [Lost In Ether]
Lars Huismann – Monuments [Coincidence]
Voidloss – A wonderful blizzard to lose myself [Subsist]
Yan Cook – Tetra [Arts LTD]
Tensal – Against The Cycle [Falling Ethics]
Rory St John – Run your mouth [Voitax]
Patrick Walker – Snake Pit [Animal Farm]
Delta Funktionen – Hyena [Radio Matrix]
Patrick Walker – Turning Point [Animal Farm]
P.E.A.R.L. – Joy Of Rapture [Falling Ethics]
Voidloss – In the place where you cannot go [Subsist]
Rory St John – five minutes of forgiveness [Voitax]
Yan Cook – Gallop [Arts LTD]
Slam – Stepback (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Soma]
Lars Huismann – Molekular [Coincidence]
Voidloss – Orias [Subsist]
Covert II – Between Galaxies [Touched Music]
VC-1180A – Shift Register [Tabernacle]

IDENTIFY 02/08/2017 – Mallory

SLV – A Different Space [Soma]
Carl Finlow – Conduit (Volsoc’s Orange Problem Remix) [Electrix]
2ndSun – Velour [Blue Tapes]
Solitary Dancer – Losing Touch [Dark Entries]
Adapta – Ninety five [Brutalist Sunset]
Alpha 606 – 808 Trax [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Camin’ – Quatro [Get Busy!]
Alpha 606 – Guajiro (Alternate Jam) [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Zedje – Nymphs and Cupid [Subsist]
Solitary Dancer – Desire & Apathy [Graded]
He/aT – Not Exactly The Summer of Love Is It (Inland Melodimix) [Prodigal Son]
A Thousand Details – Excopate 01 [Kindcrime Recordings]
Rhyw – Sylvan [Avian]
Yan Cook – Creep [Eartoground]
SLV – Radiance [Soma]
Yan Cook – Indigo [Eartoground]
Zedje – Fall of the Damned [Subsist]
Developer – Get It On [Failsafe]
Kangding Ray – Optimum Perkin Flames [Mord]
Surgeon – Convenience Trap (Part 1) [Dynamic Tension]
Manni Dee – Estrangement Between [Leyla]
Lakej – Perceived Connectivity [Grey Report]
Yann Detrøit – D’dtkh [Kindcrime Recordings]
Cortechs – Produs [Darknet]
He/aT – Not Exactly The Summer of Love Is It (Inland Dub) [Prodigal Son]
Shlomo & AWB – Arcades [Taapion]
Joe Farr – Brace Brace [Onnset]
Dentis – Fucked Up [Variance]
Remco Beekwilder – Human Mind [Monnom]
VSK – Under Processing [47]
Unit Shifter – Bokhanovsky [R12]

IDENTIFY 08/06/2017 – Mallory

Jonas Kopp – Taygeta [Tresor]
Basic House – Janet Terminal Blue [Alter]
Charlotte Isabelle – Haumea [Lemme Records 001]
Mesak – Romu [Klakson]
Adam Jay – Distant Origin [Detroit Underground]
Mesak – Sula [Klakson]
Adam Jay – Triacus [Detroit Underground]
Pip Williams – Bitty Ends [Central Processing Unit]
DeFeKT – MG1 [Cultivated Electronics]
Atix – SpaceMan [Bass agenda promo]
Sync 24 x Privacy – General Data Standard [Cultivated Electronics]
Cadency – Here, Us [Cabrera]
Muui – Ignant (Eduardo De La Calle Rmx) [Paranoid Dancer]
Prince of Denmark – Latenightjam [Forum]
AB2088 – Subsurface Ocean I [Computer Club]
Lucy – Cannon Fodder [Life and Death]
Lucy – Cannon Fodder (Planetary Assault Systems Rework) [Life and Death]
T-Scale – Spookz – (Rommek Remix) [Reposition]
Mesak – Hullux Tulo [Klakson]
Juxta Position – Speaking in Tongues [Mistress Recordings]
Mono Junk & Freestyle Man – Not a Love Story [DUM Records]
Fishermen – Dyspnea [Skudge White]
Jonas Kopp – Projections from Alcyone [Tresor]
Juxta Position – Pacemaker [Mistress Recordings]
Patrik Carrera – Esc (Dubspeeka Rmx) [Paranoid Dancer]
Yan Cook & Mays – RZ [Mutex Recordings]
Matrixxman – Polarity [Mannhigh]
Prince Of Denmark – Cut 06 [Forum]
Epi Centrum – Clouds (Cassegrain Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Jeff Rushin – Obsolete [Mote-Evolver]
Seelow – TFExx4A [The Final Experiment]
Yan Cook – Twisted [Cooked]
Samuli Kemppi – Butcher’s Cleaver [New Iron Age]
MTD – Cold Entrance Sub Version [Methodical]
Relapso – Microvision [Relapso]
Aubrey – Crimson Nebular (Lee Holman remix) [Solid Groove]
Sev Dah – Morana [Mote-Evolver]
Rommek – Arcane [Blueprint]
Patrik Carrera – Voic ) [Paranoid Dancer]
Yan Cook – Jammed [Steil]
Relapso – Iono [Relapso]
Rommek – Forbidden Planet [Blueprint]

IDENTIFY 01/09/2016 – Mallory / Black Smith Craft



I Hate Models – Don’t be afraid of the light (Ingen Remix) [T/W/B]
Dave Tarrida – Big Bad Wolf [Autofake]
ADJ – No Limits [Diffuse Reality]
Tensal – Effect 1 [Polegroup]
Patrick Bolton – Waiting Game [Onnset]
Marco Zenker – Isolated [Ilian Tape]
Joyless – Dark Horse [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
ISZ – 10 Distorted Horizons [Subsist]
Oscar Mulero – Misaphonia [MORD]
Swarm Intelligence – Klang (Rory St John Remix) [Variance]
Patrick Bolton – Unravel [Onnset]

— Black Smith Craft Guest Mix —

Developer – Gentle surrenders
Savas Pascalidis – New breed
Savas Pascalidis – Hidden hand
David Meiser – Wave oscillation
Donato Dozzy – Tech Tresor
Spora – Critical consequence
Shlmo – Escape from the Poison river (Artefakt collage)
Eschaton (Ancient methods & Orphx) – Deus irae
James Ruskin – Return (Regis remix)
Electric Rescue – Forgotten lands
Developer – Muthafucka
Plastikman – Panikattack
Dave Tarrida – Hidden code (Patrick Bolton remix)
Electric Rescue – Message from Kepler
Pär Grindvik – Changes
Shlmo – In absentia
Marco Bailey – She is a player (Break D Beat mix)
Rødhåd – Vivarium
Yan Cook – Synthetic soul
Gemini voice archive – Destellos de luz y oscuridad
Drvg Cvltvre – Athens Polytech uprising

BRAWLcast #194 :: Mallory – A Completion Of Three



ADJ – Play a bit 1 [Diffuse Reality Records]
Cassegrain – Decagon [Arcing Seas]
ObJekt – The Stitch-Up [StitchUp]
Coastdream – Untitled [Paling Trax]
Drafted – Escluded [Soma]
Planetary Assault Systems – Pull [Blueprint]
Yan Cook – Beacon [Planet Rhythm]
A Made Up Sound – Cheater VIP [Clone Basement Series]
Surgeon – Search [Blueprint]
Tensal – Effect 2 [Polegroup]
Developer – Muthafucka [Modularz]
Perc – The Death of Rebirth [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Regis – Party Spoiler Too [Blueprint]
TAFKAMP – I LAF YOU [Paling Trax]
Dax J – Understate [Clergy]
Tessela – Rub [Blueprint]
JoeFarr – In Focus [Leisure System]
Housemeister – Backpfeife [Autofake]
Swarm Intelligence – Lift [Mindcut]
Guy Andrews – Experiment 02 [PennyRoyal]
Oliver Ho – The Serpent Devours Itself [Blueprint]
Patrick Bolton – Unravel [Onnset]

BRAWLcast #168 :: Horror Brawl – Ready For Domination



Milanese – Dead Man Walking [Planet Mu]
Headless Horseman – Battle Hill [Headless Horseman]
Samuli Kemppi – Heat Of 1000 Degrees (Dead Sound & Videohead Remix) [Perc Trax]
Wata Igarashi – Gunjo [Sienna Obscure]
Yan Cook – Shift [Planet Rhythm]
Developer – In Pure Form 06 [Modularz]
Surgeon – La Real [Counterbalance]
Ctrls – The Disparates [Mord]
Mr G – Dark Heart… [Phoenix G]
Spherical Coordinates – SCNWO-20 [Polegroup]
Al Tourettes & Appleblim – Lipsmacker (Deadboy Remix) [Aus Music]
The Black Dog – Council Flat Emptiness (Stripped) [Dust Science]
Delta Funktionen – Torpor [Ann Aimee]
Energun – Tettris (Positive Merge Remix) [Armatura]
JoeFarr – Deftoca [Origami Sound]
Dave Mono – Room Full Of Dirt [Digital Distortions]
Lag – Sama Doma [Mord]
Vex’d – Pop Pop VIP [Planet Mu]
138 – Deconsruct (Paul Birken Remix) [TXTRL]
Bionoid – Retardation [Energun]
Nelman – Flares [FOS]
TWR72 – Stefan [Turbo]
Jonas Kopp – STP [EarToGround]
Zeta Reticula – The Zeta Reticuli Incident [1605 Music Therapy]
Defekt – Sunseq [Signal Code]

#168 Horror Brawl – Ready For Domination by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #164 :: Horror Brawl – How To Hack The Future



Function – Immolare (Function Version) [Sandwell District]
Zenker Brothers – Studio [Ilian Tape]
Rødhåd – Haumea (Dirt Mix) [Token]
Developer – In Pure Form 02 [Modularz]
BERTRAN – Ezra Wrote A Poem About Me [Digital Distortions]
Mess Me – Topcat (Specialivery Remix) [Kinesen]
Juxtpose – Propgate [Armatura]
Randomer – No Hook [Turbo]
Boner M – Sanskrit [ARTS]
An-i – Convo [Power Vacuum]
Objekt – Balloons [Power Vacuum]
British Murder Boys – Fist [Downwards]
Yan Cook – Shift [Planet Rhythm]
Acidulant – Times Of Illness (TOOL) [Mona]
Manse – Kleptomaniac [Lobster Theremin]
Cardopusher – Mindwarp [THEM]
A. Paul – Phase [Planet Rhythm]
Envoy – Dark Manoevres [Soma]
Bas Mooy – Charlatan [Fine Audio]
Go Hiyama – TMM.01 [Blank]
Jonas Kopp – Tibi Jam [EarToGround]
Ken Ishii – Twitched (Submerge Remix) [Different Is Diferent]
Kommune1 – Aelius [GND Organisation]
Roman Poncet – Afterglow [ARTS]
Floorplan – Phobia (Re-Plant) [M Plant]
Vohkinne – Battery [Atrophic Society]
Urbano – Tishi [Kaputt]
Dario Zenker – Karlim [Ilian Tape]

#164 Horror Brawl – How To Hack The Future by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #160 :: Horror Brawl – Living In The Ruin Of The Old World



DBX – City On The Edge Of Forever [Peacefrog]
Aktiverant – Sudden Drop [Cicuta Netlabel]
Shcuro – Ilda (Lights Off) [Obscuur]
The Plant Worker – Delta Cut 01 [Ressort Imprint]
Dead Sound – Subbed Up
Distale – KLP10 [Invert Music]
Error Etica – Clenched Fist [Subsist]
Exium – Shock Waves [Mord]
BERTRAN – Chasm [Digital Distortions]
Ardisson – The End (Posthuman Remix) [Balkan Vinyl]
Contort – R5 (Concrete DJz Remix) [Cicuta Net Label]
Steve Pain – Fix The Problem [F.O.S.]
Distale – WXX20 (Nikola Gala Remix) [Invert Music]
Yan Cook – RRR [Planet Rhythm]
Shackleton – Beat His Command [Woe To The Septic Heart]
Surgeon – Klonk 2 [Dynamic Tension]
Distale – WXX20 [Invert Music]
Teknocracy – It’s The One That Hits You [Teknocracy]
BERTRAN – Show Them [Digital Distortions]
DJ Boss – Judit [Planet Rhythm]
PCP – Metal Clouds (Lokodepo Remix) [Energun]
Tobias – Ya Po [Ostgut Ton]
Tripeo – Anipintiros #5 + #8 (Exium Mash Up Remix) [Tipeo]
Vril – Portal 5 [Delsin]
Coldgeist – Artefacts (Developer Remix V1) [Weekend Circuit]
Ancient Methods – White Flames [Ancient Methods]
Black Smith Craft – Cow Power (Ben Gibson Remix) [Limetree Projects]
Jake Conlon – Stop Out [Pareto Park]
Leftfield – Shaker Obsession [Infectious Music]
Aubrey – Bass Overlord [Offshoot]
the wee djs – monmat [This Machine Is Broken]

BRAWLcast #160 Horror Brawl – Living In The Ruin Of The Old World by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #150 :: Horror Brawl – Mega Blocks, Mega Highways



Planetary Assault Systems – Beauty In The Fear (The Black Dog’s Destroyed On Purpose Mix Pt.2) [Ostgut Ton]
Function – Modifier [Ostgut Ton]
Silent Servant – Untitled (Regis Edit) [Sandwell District]
Claudio Prc – Atik [Polegroup]
Vril – Tannhauser Gate [Dystopian]
Reck – Dragon Turning (Reck Remix) [Eukatech]
65D Mavericks – Earthbound (James Ruskin Remix) [Surface]
Jeff Mills – Calyspso High [Purpose Maker]
Marco Lenzi – The Loop Of Love (Tobias Von Hofsten Remix) [Eukatech]
Slam – Human (Oxia Remix) [Soma]
Tobias – Testcard [Ostgut Ton]
Rumah & Progression – SC1 [Blueprint]
Exium – Arkanis [Polegroup]
Vril – Thronwagen [Index Marcel Fengler]
Plukkk – Break Up [Green Fetish]
Lag – Trema [Mord]
Radial – Excavated (Tripeo Remix) [Radial]
Yan Cook – Dreamer [Planet Rhythm]
David Meiser – DNA [Cicuta Netlabel]
Lewis Fautzi – Unheard [Tsunami]
Endlec – Dust Storm Rising [Mord]
Miles Sagnia – Aetherius [Atmospheric Existence]
Error Etica – Abstract Data [Subsist]
Green Gums – Cestodas Labyrinth [Diagonal]
Jonas Kopp – Night Of The Living Dead [Traut Muzik]
Juxtpose – In The Railyards [Armatura]
Teknocracy – Suspiria [Teknocracy]
J. Tijn – Bruise 2 [Pennyroyal]
Reeko – No Atmosphere [Planet Rhythm]
Chemical Brothers – Leave Home (Underworld Mix Two) [Freestyle Dust]
Cursor Miner – ???

#150 Horror Brawl – Mega Blocks, Mega Highways by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #130 :: Horror Brawl – Frag System



Marcel Dettmann – Landscape (Answer Code Request Remix) [Music Man]
Yan Cook – Cubism [Planet Rhythm]
Floorplan – Phobia (Re-Plant) [M-Plant]
Rodhad – Haumea (Ø [Phase] Remix) [Token]
James Ruskin – Slit [Blueprint]
Forward Strategy Group – Code #3 [Perc Trax]
Mutant – AUM [Pareto Park]
Wildtek – Type Pattern C [Wildtek]
Tripeo – Nargy [Clone Basement Series]
Echoplex – The VS Theme [Index Marcel Fengler]
Hound Scales – Princip (Rubble Dub 1) [Fifth Wall]
Hound Scales – Spahnners (Rubble Dub 2) [Fifth Wall]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt VIP [Digital Distortions]
Roebin de Freitas – OP456zqc-a [Digital Distortions]
Oliver Kucera – Dr Sample (Audiocell Rework) [Gobsmacked]
Ansome – Penny & Pound [Mord]
Yan Cook – Deformer [Planet Rhythm]
UVB – Mixtion [Mord]
Vohkinne – Battery (Ben Sims Remix) [Atrophic Society]
d_func & DJ T-1000 – Terminator [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Ontal – Disorientation [Darkfloor Sound]
Steve Stoll – Proper Thirty [Proper]
Dead Sound – On The Wall [Gynoid Audio]
Cleric – Sigmund [Figure]
Cleric – Wickerman [Figure]
Ben Gibson – Terminal [Newrhythmic]
Kwartz – Hole [Newrhythmic]
Siege – Society [Labrynth]
Tomohiko Sagae – Sodium Cyanide (Datamine Extraction Mix) [Rodz-Konez]
RadioNasty – Clave To The Rhythm (Transparent Sound Remix) [Torture]
DeFeKT – Aerodyne [Shameless Toady]

#130 Horror Brawl – Frag System by Brawlcast on Mixcloud