BRAWLcast #120 :: Bushby – Forwards Is Down, Back Is Up


Posthuman – Callisto [B12 Records]
Ipman – Signal Motion [Osiris]
Akkord – Navigate [Houndstooth]
Jam City – The Courts [Night Slugs]
Spookhouse – Convection [Digital Distortions]
Luke’s Anger – Broad’s Authority [Off Me Nut]
Subhead – Burrit Train [Subhead]
Luke’s Anger – Warble Tone [Bonus ROund]

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DDD060 :: Spookhouse – Ghetto Stabulous


Ghetto Stabulous by Spookhouse

Hot on the heels of his previous release “T.S.S.” comes the latest dancefloor melting recipe from Spookhouse. Made from 2 parts wompy techno and 2 parts glitchy downtempo business, there should be something for almost anybody who likes their techno wompy and their downtempo business glitchy. That’s you people, right?

Free download: (297MB .wav)

All tracks produced by Rob Murphy. @robspookhouse :: Soundcloud

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BRAWLcast #118 :: Horror Brawl – Shoot Them Later


Djrum – DAM (Akkord Remix) [2nd Drop]
DJ Hyperactive – 25 Hours [Droid Recordings]
Ghostek – Lethal Ballet [Fifth Wall]
Charlton – Unforgiven [Mord]
Dario Zenker – Cookin Bookin [Ilian Tape]
Ø [Phase] – Binary Opposition (Peter Van Hoesen Process) [Token]
Ben Atha – Swing Ball [Blue Panda]
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BRAWLcast #116 :: Digital Fist


Digital Fist is a breakbeat, (tech-house/)techno and drum&bass DJ (and very lazy producer) specialising in driving hypnotic rhythms, precision machine funk and menacing atmospheres (who has recently branched out into psytrance).

Based in the vicinity of Southampton, UK and having been denied re-entry to the mothership due to visa irregularities, he occupies himself primarily by hosting a fortnightly show on entitled The Precipice featuring all of the above and regular guest spots from unsung heroes of the global neighbourhood,

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DDD059 :: Mad-Tek – Midnight Oil Remixes


Midnight Oil Remixes by Mad-Tek

The original Midnight Oil came out back in 2011 and can be found here.

BRAWLcast #113 :: Bushby – Live @ Bulldozer 03/05/2014


“Amazing” and “Too good for Scarborough” are two of the things I heard about this set on the night…

Foremost Poets – Moonraker [Soundmen On Wax]
AudioGutter – Embers [Mutant Bass]
Blackmass Plastics – Time Crisis
Jon Oakley – Prime [Takeover]
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Symbols [Combat Recordings]

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BRAWLcast #112 :: Mallory – Nothing Is Over


Another one from Mallory, this one has a bit more jack than his previous mix.

Forward Strategy Group – Plough [Polegroup]
James Ruskin – Excerpt 3 [Jealous God]
04LM – M Place (James Ruskin Remix) [Soma]
Israel Vines – Indictment [Cult Figures]
Developer – Frames [Modularz]
Spherical Coordinates –

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BRAWLcast #111 :: Mallory – Trying Hard To Be Somebody

BRAWLcast111_Mallory_-_ Trying_Hard_To_Be_Somebody350

Mallory has done something a little different this week…

Mallory – Breathe In The Dark Air
Oscar Mulero – Black Propaganda [Warm Up]
Karl O’Connor / Peter Sutton / Richard Harvey – Public Beheading [Semantica]
Dopplereffekt – Zygote [Leisure System]
Marcel Dettmann – Stranger [Ostgut Ton]
Marcel Dettmann –

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BRAWLcast #109 :: Horror Brawl – Back To The Primitive


Objekt – Shuttered [Bleep Green Series]
L.B. Dub Corp – Ever & Forever [Ostgut Ton]
Justin Berkovi – Newmatic [Prosthetic Pressings]
Circuit Bending – Bent Six [Armatura Bonus]
Filip Xavi – Blue Collar [Sonntag Morgen]
Hound Scales – Wig Coat [Future Grooves]
Radial – Asiel [mord]

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BRAWLcast #107 :: Bushby – Taste My Logic Gun


I wanted to record something with a bit of subtle wonk (if there is such a thing), nothing to “out there”. I think I achieved it with a nice mix of old and new stuff.

Uberdog & Kyma – Keyboard Gum [Werk Discs]
Bolz Bolz – Take A Walk (Paul Daley’s Drunken Bass

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