BRAWLcast 219 :: Bushby – Bending The Mechanics

Versalife – Night Time In The Computer Labs [Clone West Coast]
214 – Greenbelt [CPU]
Bobby Athom – Mememe [Digital Distortions]
Jacen Solo – UR Mind [Digital Distortions]
the wee djs – Comedy [Digital Distortions]
Silicon Scally – On Chip Diagnostics [Carl Finlow]
Hatch – Finlow
Boris Divider – Clone Factory [Drivecom]
Amper Clap – Playing With Shadows [Urban Connections]
Adam Jay – Dynaform [Detroit Underground]
ADJ – Sofia [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – Bus Da Beatz [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – Cellular Transmissons [Digital Distortions]
Amper Clap – Ignition [Urban Connections]
Avidya – Looking Into Layers [Electroclub Records]
Privacy – NCSC [Klasse Klakson]
Sync 24 x Privacy – Hard To Tell [Cultiavted Electronics]
Go Nuclear – Techno World [Bass Agenda]
Jensen Interceptor – The Fontainebleau [Bromance]
Jackal & Hyde – Beyond [Hallucination]
Code Rising – Lost Control [Code Rising]
ATIX – Shaky [Bass Agenda]
Badaszewski – Future Dictator (Cursor Miner Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Mad-Tek – Fix VIP [Digital Distortions]
Jackal & Hyde – Seek & Destroy (The House Wrecka Remix) [Hallucination]
Neil Landstrumm – Something Unspoken [Don’t]
Bebop & Rocksteady – Idle Youth [Off Me Nut]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Si Begg – Losing It (Gella Remix) [Noodles]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Patscan – Factory Flawed [Digital Distortions]
Unique 3 – Take This Love (Si Begg ReHASHde) [Mutate Records]

BRAWLcast 202 :: Horror Brawl – Consumer-urge Subsonics


214 – Fuel Cells [Central Processing Unit]
Dr Floyd – Iron Mother Rhythm [Datarocket Unlimited]
Jacen Solo – Zatoichi [Digital Distortions]
Like A Tim – Milkshake [Djax-Up-Beats]
The Persuader – Central Bron (Birdy Remix) [Svek]
Thatboytim – Nightwatch
Application – Theme From [Dust Science]
Blixaboy – Comet [Central Processing Unit]
Application – Flange 7 (Beneath Remix) [Dust Science]
RXMode – Lost [Bass Agenda]
Plant43 – Destroying Angel [AC Records]
Sync 24 & Morphology – Abstract Index [Cultivated Electronics]
London Modular Alliance – The Discontent [Brokn Toys]
Silicon Scally – Vector Dominance [Bass Agenda]
Rogue Frequency – Element 94 [New Flesh]
Anthony Rother – La Bete [Psi49net]
Casper Hastings – Texturised [TXTRL]
Exzakt – Second Wave (Imatron Voima Remix) [SatRx]
Kris Wadsworth – Diesel [Ultramajic]
Collapsicon – Six [Anti-Social Network]
Go Nuclear – Techno World (Detroits Filthiest Remix) [Bass Agenda]
Illektrolab – Dreaming Electric [Shipwrec]
W1b0 – Main Squeeze [Bass Agenda]
ADJ – Bus Da Beatz [Digital Distortions]
Emika – Battles (The Black Dog Remix) [Emika Records]
Sync 24 – Night Scenes (Carl Finlow remix) [Electrix]
Boris Divider – New Race [Satamile]
Synapse – Fear Of Force [Digital Distortions]
Posthuman – The Benz (Radioactive Man Remix) [Balkan Vinyl]
Jade One – Digital Distortionz [Digital Distortions]
The Advent – Kombination True [Kombination Research]
Umek – Hektikos [Tehnika]
Rogue Frequency – Fall Out [New Flesh]
Bolz Bolz – The Ultimate Remix [Satamile]
Fleck E.S.C. – Select Mode [Urban Connections]
The Future Sound Of London – Considered [fsoldigital]
Grandmaster Flash – Scorpio (Plaid Remix) [Castle Music]

IDENTIFY 12/09/2016 – Mallory



Camin Mraz’ – Sympton [Get Busy]
Scanone – Menace 44 [Yellow Machines]
214 – Fuel Cells [Central Processing Unit]
Federico Leocata – Ich Zeit [Central Processing Unit]
214 – Greenbelt [Central Processing Unit]
Federico Leocata – Den Eviga Aterkomsten [Central Processing Unit]
Mike Ash – Not Right [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Jack Out [Cultivated Electronics]
RXMODE – Lost [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Silicon Scally – Machine Bias []
Illektrolab – Dreaming Electric [Shipwrec]
Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Sine Vibes [Cultivated Electronics]
Illektrolab – Subfreaked [Shipwrec]
Scanone – Darklight [Yellow Machines]

IDENTIFY 31/03/2016 – Bushby



Martin de Brig – Agent Osman (Chris Nez Remix) [Titanic City]
Mike Ash – Uprocking [Super Rhythm Trax]
Carl Taylor – ZX_911 [Digital Distortions]
CCH Poundr – You Get An ‘Ology, You’re A Scientist [Digital Distortions]
Denham Audio – Cabin Fever
Mella Dee – Here [Lobster Boy]
Tom Liem – This Is All You Need [ESHU Records]
Research Code – Badge [Armatura]
Specialivery – SX Phoenicis [Poincare]
Jerome Hill – SkallyWag [Don’t]
AX&P – Disorder [PercTrax]
Scalameriya & VSK – Cydonia [PercTrax]
The Transhumans – Outcast [Mord]
Silentcell – Attached [Obscuur]
Nexus 23 – Overdose [Bass Agenda]
Silicon Scally – Sub Unit [Carl Finlow]
Silicon Scally – Chains [Carl Finlow]
Code Rising Vs. Cloak – The Pulse [Code Rising]
Jackal & Hyde – Dark Star (VIP Mix) [Dominance Electricity]
Mako – The Gully (Grunge VIP) [Metalheadz]
Mark Kloud – Reactor 6
J:Kenzo – Skatta [Cosmic Bridge]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – 1000 Cats [Bunit]
Dub Phizix ft. Ward 21 – Doberman [Senkasonic]
Total Science – All Massive [Metalheadz]
Current Value – Interstate [Critical]
Rufige Kru – Dark Rider (Scar Remix) [Razors Edge]

BRAWLcast #159 :: Fredy Barong – Cunning Paradigm


When Fredy contacted me and asked if he could do a mix for the BRAWLcast I went and checked out his other mixes and then immediately said yes, we were clearly on the same musical wavelength. His mix is packed with some of my personal favourites and plenty of other bangers, including his own loops, fx and additional beats from an Electribe MX.


Gods Of Technology – Instruments Of Armageddon [Battle Trax]
Cryotron – Obey My Master (ReMix) [Bass Frequency Productions]
Anthony Rother – Red Light District (BLIM Remix) [Distinct’ive Breaks]
John Faustus – Acid Pattern May15
Korrupted Brothers feat. Mikelote & Zyro – KB Beat [Korrupted Brothers]
Spookhouse – Break Yo Self Fool (Mad-Tek Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Hornsey Hardcore – Get Busy [Hornsey Hardcore]
Bil Bless – Croupe [Bless]
Skeetaz – Nein [Addictech]
Butler Kiev – Rewind Selecta [Planet Mu]
Silicon Scally – Deep Dissolve [SCSI-AV]
Dashadow – Signal From Space [Kromatones]
Anodyne – Charon [Psychonavigation]
Jupi – Pure Nature (Korekt Remx) [Last Joint]
Blackmass Plastics – Riddimdem
Mr Vlz – Smelting Demon
Urk Boombleep – Grimey Donk
Blotnik Brothers – Starforce Exodus [Satamile]
DJ Technorch – Boss Gets Angry (Luke’s Anger Remix) [Technorch]
Suburban Knight – Nannytown [Underground Resistance]
Celsius – Immersion 2002 [Otaku]
Reso – If Ya Can’t Beat Em [Civil Music]

#159 Fredy Barong – Cunning Paradigm by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #105 :: Horror Brawl – Brawlectro


Originally broadcast 05 January 2014 on


Senor Frio – The New Pork [Digital Distortions]
214 – Abandoned [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – BBRobot [Digital Distortions]
Bitstream – Muspel [Touchin’ Bass]
Pal Secam Kidz – Flatblock209 [Spacebarsentiments]
SmashBack – Butternut Squash [WIDE]
Cynthia Stern – Follow (the wee djs Remix) [Input-Output Inc.]
ADJ – Bang The Beat [Digital Distortions]
Pretension AllStars – Complex Chemistry (Carl A. Finlow Remix) [Pretension]
Mazzula – Bass Bias [Data-Trace]
Scanone – Trek Trak [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – The Force [Pyramid Transmissions]
Clone Theory – Others [Electrolab]
Mr C – Terricola [End]
Silicon Scally – Proteus (the wee djs Remix) [SCSI-AV]
Edward J. Devane – Money For Beer [Spacebarsentiments]
Mad-Tek – Dread (Dexorcist Remix)
Mad-Tek – Terra [Digital Distortions]
Rabbit In The Moon – FLooRi.D.A. (Dynamix II’s Non Stop Electro-Bass) [Hallucination]
Larry McCormick – Escape [Datapunk]
Molez – Understanding Mechanisms [Acre]
Otto Von Schirach – Trick Snitch [Touchin’ Bass]
A1 People – Detroit Style [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Industrial Bass Machine – Enter The Matrix [Joey Boy]
Limbertimbre – Funny [Spacebarsentiments]
Badaszewski – Future Dictator (Cursor Miner Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Vent – Warez v3.5.1 [Colony Productions]
Sleepless Crew – Zeros (the wee djs Unreleased Mix)
Synapse – Mech Annoyed [Baselogic]
Patscan – Sticky Buttons [Digital Distortions]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Mad-Tek – Meteor Shower [Digital Distortions]
Antipop Consortium – Ghostlawns (Mike Ladd Remix) [Warp]
Cutlass Supreme – Killer [WIDE]
Point B – Rain Chemistry [Combat Recordings]
Stretch Daddy – Baddest Mutha [RR’N’B]
MD – MD (Brothomstates Remix) [Merck]

#105 Horror Brawl – Brawlectro by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #092 :: Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo


Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo


Plastikman – Ask Yourself (214 Refix)
Ion Driver – bbRobot (214 Remix) [Digital Distortions] <free download>
The Pod – Space Problems [Anti-Social Network] <free download>
Radionasty – Radio 3 [Electrix]
The Advent – Dark Fader Side [International Deejay Gigolo]
Steve Stoll – Model T (Aux 88 Remix) [Novamute]
Silicon Scally – External Controller [SCSI-AV]
ADJ – The Way Of The Crane [Digital Distortions] <free download>
ADJ – Bang The Beat [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Maelstrom – Bipolar [Boysnoize]
Miotek – My City (Mr Velctro Fastener Remix) [Seven Sisters]
The Hacker – Dans La Salle Des Machines [Datapunk]
Radioactive Man – ‘Ave That [Rotters Golf Club]
Kraftwerk – Numbers (San Francisco The Warfield 28.04.04) [EMI]
ADJ – Grubby Beats [Digital Distortions] <free download>
UR – Electronic Warfare (Aux 88 Remix) [Underground Resistance]
Koova – 808 Rhythm Machine [Mars Frequency]
Therarelowry – Mind Sherons [Takeover]
Sync 24 & DeFeKT – Pulse Effect [Cultivated Electronics]
Carl Finlow – Conduit [Electrix]
Blackmass Plastics – Portasound Kid
Cell Engine – Upgrade Your Soul [Shameless Toady]
Versalife – Ionization [Cultivated Electronics]
Radioactive Man – Flying Fxxk [Wang Trax]
Spookhouse – Desk Pop [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Justin Maxwell – Join [Anti-Social Network] <free download>
Alavux – Floating Point [Ban Kai]
Alavux – The One [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Subhead – Radio Vision [Tresor]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions – forthcoming]
Metalogic – All Comes To One [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
RoGeR – Wreck [Russian Techno]
The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 1 [Freestyle Dust]
Mentally Unfocused – The Virus

#092 Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo by Brawlcast on Mixcloud