BRAWLcast 207 :: Horror Brawl – Unread Files On A Dead Man’s Desk


Marla Singer, Casual Treatment – Rotative Particule [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Daniele Paduano – Immenso [R12]
Lunatik – Moter [Off White]
Ricardo Garduno – The Man Is Just Confused (VSK Remix) [Illegal Alien]
Dave Simon – Mole [Planet Rhythm]
Blush Response – Machine God [Sonic Groove]
AGE – Apocalypse [Thomas P. Heckmann]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Opto [Self Reflektion]
Boriqua Tribez – Fancy [Different Is Different]
138 – Making Moves And Smearing Friends [Pls.Uk]
Ansome – Ships & Castles (Paul Birken Remix) [Nologo]
Mumdance & Logos – Return Of The Room 2 Lazer [#savefabric]
Dave Simon – Traib [Planet Rhythm]
Kmyle – Patient Zéro [La Chinerie]
Guidewire – Second Guess [Mechanical Thoughts]
Silentcell – Planet Zero [Green Fetish]
Mind Machines – Critical [Green Fetish]
Gabeen – Noise Gabeen – Noise
Lag & Forest People – The Anvil [Darkfloor Sound]
Mickey Nox – Television [Green Fetish]
Voidloss – There Will Be No More Summers Of Love [Subsist]
Dax J – Zulu Nation [Electric Deluxe]
Clement Landrau – Approaching [Green Fetish]
Greyhead – Duct (Ledd Remix) [Concepto Hipnotico]
Daniele Paduano – Immenso [R12]
Dave Simon – Comon [Planet Rhythm]
Invariant Process – Strobe Field [Subsist]
Marla Singer, Casual Treatment – Methodica [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Unit Shifter – Bokhanovsky [R12]
Yari Greco – State Of Suspense [Green Fetish]
Ansome – Hells Mouth [Mindcut]
Binny – Outline [Monnom Black]
BNJMN – Droid [Delsin]
Drone – Morphist [Kickin’ Records]
Jerome Hill – Restraint [Don’t]
Lag – Bumer [THEM]
Guidewire – Intellect [Mechanical Thoughts]
Blush Response – Unclean Spirit [Sonic Groove]
Schuw – Sanity Decrease [Obscure]
Rommek – Granite [Sonntag Morgen]
Manni Dee – Mephi [Perc]
Keepsakes – Flail [Mindcut]
Victor Martinez – Corrosive [Psychoskunk]
Surgeon – Midnight Club Tracks II (Part 1) [Counterbalance]
Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s Loop Remix) [GND Records]
JoeFarr – Spectate [Leisure System]

IDENTIFY 19/01/2017 – Mallory


Purl – Sagan (Circular) [Eternell]
Kastil – Bastardos [Soul Notes]
Cleric – Resurrect [Figure]
Darkotic – Kismet [Subsist]
Developer – Towering Figure [Developer Archive]
Kastil – Edict Of Grace [Genesa]
Raw Data – traced [Subsist]
Cleric – Turbine [Figure]
Env3 – Narcos [Subsist]
Developer – Callisto [Developer Archive]
Kastil – YD33 [Soul Notes]
Kwartz – Collapse Process [Dyad]
Developer – Hooked In [Developer Archive]
Non Reversible – Antipode [Knotweed]
Rhomb – Rebus [Modularz]
Plukkk – Break Up (Kommune1 Remix) [Green Fetish]
Non Reversible – LMS [Knotweed]
Relapso – Exploring The Universe (Farceb Reconstruction) [Relapso Records]
Schuw – Sanity Decrease [Obscure]
STK – Machete [Dyad]
VSK – Attention [Genesa]
Rommek – Granite [Sonntag Morgen]
Relapso – Parsec [Relapso Records]
VSK – Echinopsis [Dyad]
Mind Machines – Critical [Green Fetish]
Scalameriya – Straga [Genesa]
Silentcell – Planet Zero [Green Fetish]
Schuw – Aszar (Marla Singer Remix) [Obscure]
Yari Greco – State Of Suspense [Green Fetish]
Purl – Sagan (murkok’s Wooden Mix) [Eternell]

IDENTIFY 23/06/2016 – Bushby



J. Tijn – Shmudge [In An Instant]
Ghostwerk – Daddy Twang .^ [Bass Agenda]
Perseus Trax – Overlord [Perseus Trax]
Innerhades – Three Kings [Creme Organization]
Lamer – Peelerz (Spurz Club Reduction) [Drama Hands]
Torso – Fat Vint (Liar Optimix) [Tessier-Ashpool]
Kolanek & Glyphic – Battlin (The Renegades Florida Mix) [Ground Mass]
Detboi ft. Goldie – Joyride [Metalheadz Platinum]
The Exaltics – Endless Journey [Rave Or Die]
Rommek – Off The Radar [Blueprint]
Source Direct – The Crane (Function / Inland Remix) [Nonplus]
Tessela – Rub [Blueprint]
Sunil Sharpe – Slgeach [Earwiggle]
R&R – Reveal [Geometrika FM]
Scalameriya – Outcast [Genesa]
Randomer – Sheen [Blueprint]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Pax [Osiris]
Rogue Frequency – Element 94 [New Flesh]
Scott Robinson – Splinter Sisters [Bass Agenda]
Monster X – Pornograf [Bedroom Research]
Si Begg – 150 Blooz [Bass Agenda]
DJ NHK GUY – Level Up Rave Punk [Yesterday Once More]
Kolanek & Glyphic – Battlin [Ground Mass]
Source Direct – The Crane (Alternate Mix) [Nonplus]
Sam Binga ft. Rider Shafique – Mind & Spirit (Breakage Remix) [Critical]
Ulterior Motive – Radian [Shogun Audio]
SB81 – 90’s [Metalheadz]

BRAWLcast #193 :: Bushby – Malformed Dependencies



Mønic – Morse (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix) [Tresor]
Rumah & Progression – Speak Spell [Blueprint]
Tessela – Rub [Blueprint]
TWR72 – Deform [Float]
Dr cyanide – Human Stage [Basic Form]
Gareth Wild – Vexille [LDNWHT]
Binny – Event Horizon [Monnom Black]
Croft – 7444 [Sprung]
Ansome – Hang Dawg [Perc Trax]
Dense & Pika – Klank [Hotflush]
J-Zbel – ZHF (Gale Mix) [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Ingen – Generational Dynamics [Digital Distortions]
Jamie Curnock – Life Formation [Onnset]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Polini (Myler Remix) [Mindcut]
Jerome Hill – The Lovely Sound [Don’t]
Cleric – Seit 1990 [Figure]
Reflec – The War Horn [DYAD]
Clement Landrau – Antagonism [Green Fetish]
Dax J – Renegades Of Conflict [Monnom Black]
Rommek – Beyond Desire [Blueprint]

BRAWLcast #184 :: Mallory – Robota.Live 21/04/2016


The good folks over at Robota.Live invited Mallory to play on their live broadcast, this is a recording of the set. Robota broadcasts every 3rd Thursday of each month over at


Orson Well – Midinight Mystique [Sound Mirror]
Anthony Parasole – Heartbeat [Ostgut Ton]
214 – Snow Lake [Shipwrec]
A Made Up Sound – I Repeat [Delsin]
Kowton – Loops 1 [Livity Sound]
S – The Launderette [Ostgut Ton]
Substance – Keine Angst [Ostgut Ton]
Tobias – Like A Drug [Ostgut Ton]
Darkmode – Sea Of Sorrows [Bass Agenda]
Avatism.Clockwork – A Dat Of Riddance [Parachute]
Kessell – Metatron [Granulart Recordings]
Wrong Assessment – Answers [Clergy]
A Made Up Sound – All Out [Delsin]
Kowton – Bubbling Under [Livity Sound]
CTRLS – Waves [Token]
Cleric – Restore [Clergy]
NX1 – 08 023 [NX1]
Killawatt – Excessive Hyperbole [Osiris Music]
Developer – No Introduction [Polegroup]
NX1 – OE04 [NX1]
Kessell – Prana [Polegroup]
Nonima – Monolith [Combat Recordings]
NX1 – 08 024 [NX1]
Kwartz – Simulacrum [Polegroup]
Rommek – Moth Hole [Blueprint]
Milanese – Return to Iacon City [Combat Recordings]
Perc – Body Con [Polegroup]
Ayarcana – She Killed On Extasy (Ingen Remix) []
Ansome – Snake Eyes [Perc]
Jamie Curnock – Fat Duck [Onnset]
Go Hiyama – Philosopher (NX1 Remix) [Hue Helix]
Progression – Omnipotent 3 [Blueprint LTD]
Damcase – Venerate Circles [MORD]
Developer – Stories Of Gain [Modularz]
Cleric – Distant Cry [Clergy]
Kowton – Sleep Chamber [Livity Sound]
Blawan – Rubber Industry [Ternesc]
Developer – The Charmer [Modularz]
Annodyne – Reflections Of A Broken Soul [AF003]

BRAWLcast #183 :: Black Smith Craft – No Fucking Reds


Back in 2010 BSC did BRAWLcast #002, later in 2013 he did BRAWLcast #082 and now he is back with #183.


Eomac – Spacehopper [Eomac self-released]
Aux Men – Time travel [Puzzlebox records]
T.Linder – Liver-noise [Detroit techno militia]
Les Points- Lost [Les Points]
Manni Dee – Challenge & resist [Earwiggle]
Abstract Division – Immersion [Dynamic reflection]
Gary Beck – Timeline (Par Grindvik rework) [BEK Audio]
Eomac – Techre [Eomac self-released]
Les Points – Breakbits 2 [Les Points]
Rommek – Beyond desire [Blueprint]
The Exaltics – In between [Shipwrec]
Fiend Friend – Origin [Dinner]
JoeFarr – Disposition [Onset]
Abstract Division – Glide [Dynamic reflection]
Faetch – Wraetch [Earwiggle]
Jose Pouj – Irradiance [Tsunami]
Filip Xavi – Saturn transit [Sonntag Morgen]
Alpi – Picturing lights [Planet rhythm]
Ilario Alicante – Atoll [Soma quality]
Cloaka – Lessun [Mdnght]
Neither – Playful [Emphatix]
Jeroen Liebregts – Dondernacht [Dinner]
Altstadt Echo – Modern cathedrals pt. 3 [Modern cathedrals]
Reeko – My revenge [Emphatix]
Q3A – Untitled B2 [Delsin]
Benjamin Damage – Vostok 6 [50weapons]
Eduardo de la Calle – A1 [Analog solutions]
Jeff Mills – Drew (unreleased mix) [Purpose maker]

BRAWLcast #183 Black Smith Craft – No Fucking Reds by BRAWLcast on