BRAWLcast 218 :: Horror Brawl – Conflict Investment

Tony Phorse – Hymn (JoeFarr Remix)
Aluphobia – Akira [Babylon]
3.14 – Krystal [Killekill]
Luke Creed – Spacefilter (Scott Robinson Remix) [Variant Electronic]
Scalameriya – Straga [Genesa]
Joe Farr – Don’t Be Afraid [UX]
Sev Dah – Morana [mote-Evolver]
Magna Pia – Rachael [Counterchange]
Perc – The Thought That Counts [Perc Trax]
FP-Oner – Cycles Of Life [Mule Musiq]
Surgeon – Convenience Trap (Part 1) [Dynamic Tension]
Aubrey – Crimson Nebular (Lee Holman Remix) [Solid Groove]
Gareth Wild – Warriors In The Dance [Planet Rhythm]
Source Direct – The Crane (Function – Inland Remix) [Nonplus]
Research Code – Fluctuation [Armatura]
Roebin de Freitas – Chav Shavings [Digital Distortions]
Joe Farr – Plastic Form [UX]
He/aT – I’ve Been Thrown Out Of Better Places Than This [Mord]
Env3 – Typ 3 (Alexander Kowalski Remix) [Paranoid Dancer]
Matrixxman – Polarity [Manhigh]
Juxta Position – World Domination [Mistress]
Rommek – Arcane [Blueprint]
Kangding Ray – Epsilon [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Noah Gibson – Origin [Marcel Dettmann Records]
Cortechs – Produs [Darknet]
Valerio – 029819 [Variant Electronic]
Cleric x Dax J – The Triangle [Clergy]
Unsubscribe – Bend Down [Houndstooth]
UVL – Hvit [Energun Records]
Mike Absolom – Fuel (Errol Dix Remix) [Dublin Xpress]
Developer – Get It On [Failsafe]
Shlomo & AWB – Arcades [Taapion]
Inland – Footstone [Counterchange]
Joe Farr – Brace Brace [Onnset]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Primitive Acid [THEM]
Max Cooper – Panned (Joe Farr Remix) [Mesh]
Scald Process ft. Mar Del Corral, Liam Noonan & Eden Grey – Ritual [Holotone]

BRAWLcast 212 Bushby – Trace Decay

Positive Merge – Picture Of The Day (Strck Remix) [Kaputt]
Peter van Hoesen – Last One At 1080 [Ann Aimee]
Roman Lindau – Avide [Fachwerk]
Instra:Mental – Thomp [Nonplus]
Trackman – Don’t Stop (Valmay Remix) [Flux]
The Black Dog – Ism [Dust Science]
Loudon Kleer – Parallel (Break Even Mix) [Parallel 125]
Elektrabel – Seesel (SDX remix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
Bionoid – Accelerator [Energun]
House of Black Lanterns – Drown (South London Ordnance Remix) [EPM]
Future Imposter – Blok (Casper Hastings Remix) [Concepto Hipnotico]
Roebin de Freitas – Pallisander (Aerts Remix) [Authentic Pew]
Ingen – Dural [Digital Distortions]
Voidloss – They died in 99 [Subsist]
The Reaver – Danger (Glyph Theme) [Rekids]
Jack Master – Bang the Box (Slam Remix) [Soma]
Joyless – Swedish Sisters (UVB Remix) [Nachstromm Schallplatten]
ISZ – Invasion [Subsist]
Specialivery – ATON (Autoremix)
Corvum – Insite OF Gnosticism [Subsist]

IDENTIFY 15/09/2016 – Bushby



ADJ – Play a bit1 [Diffuse Reality]
214 – Keep Right [CPU Records]
Scape One – The 5th Column [Scape One Bandcamp]
Casper Hastings – Texturised [TXTRL]
Mazzula – Bang [Mazzula Bandcamp]
RXmode – Lost [Bass Agenda]
Roebin de Freitas – Hatched Qtd 2 (Orphx Remix) [Ante-Rasa]
Gotshell – Physics (Scalameriya Remix) [Nachstromm Schallplatten]
Ansome – Back Alley Sally (Randomer Remix) [Perc Trax]
Patrick Becker – Always Far [Denial Audio]
Jack Master – Bang The Box (Slam Remix) [Soma]
Jerome Hill – Drumwar [Swords]
ISZ – Lightnings [Subsist]
Folklore – Wounding Knife [Folk Tales]
Another Alias – Pogo [Varient Electronic]
Jay Clarke – Entity [Blackaxon]
Thomas K. – A.I. 8000 (2001 A Space Odyssey Version) [Varient Electronic]
Jerome Hill – Rump [Riot Radio]
Jerome Hill – Plastic Jam [Swords]
Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Om Unit Remix) [Metalheadz]
Enei – Iron Curtain (Fre4knc Remix) [Critical]
M-zine & Skeptics – Obviate [Dispatch Recordings]
Total Science, Quadrant & Iris – False Alarm [CIA]
Biostacis – Timer (Vinyl VIP) [Tech Itch Recordings]
Break – Unification [CIA]
Biostacis – Kraddog (Vinyl VIP) [Tech Itch Recordings]
Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Blocks & Escher Remix) [Metalheadz]

BRAWLcast #191 :: Horror Brawl – Submit To The System



Basses Terres – Sonar System [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Faetch – Cargoe [Earwiggle]
Clouds – Male Vaporum [Turbo]
Colin Bain – Limited 002 B2 [Limited]
D. Carbone – The American Lie [Mord]
Dr Cyanide – Patience [Basic Form]
Inland – Acidalia [Infrastructure]
Post Scriptum – Donbelief [Infrastructure]
Randomer – Concierge [Clone Jack Basement Series]
Emmanuel – Masa [Enemy Records]
Reflec – The War Horn [DYAD]
The Black Dog – Black Chamber Order (Blawan Remix) [Dust Science]
Psychobot – Diss [Electropunkz]
Manni Dee – Cameron On A Guilotine [Leyla]
Ritzi Lee – Progress [Mord]
BNJMN – Droid (Cassegrain Remix) [Delsin]
Progression – Omnipotent 3 [Blueprint]
Lag – Burner (Paul Birken Remix) [Them]
Cleric – Concrete [Infrastructure]
Fred P – Something Beatless Pass [Soul People]
Dustin Zahn – Sunday Night Fever [Enemy Records]
Jamie Curnock – Jack Killed Jill [Onnset]
Fundamental Interaction – Quartic [DYAD]
Ritzi Lee – Traction [Mord]
JoeFarr & Maryyn Hare – Go Fourth [Leyla]
J-Zbel – Lauren Mysogyn [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Roebin de Freitas – Dogma nr.2 [Digital Distortions]
Plukkk – K012 [Sombra]
Dave Tarrida – Hidden Code (Patrick Bolton Remix) [Green Fetish]
Carl Cox – Put Your Hands Up [Trust The DJ]
Damon Wild – Beat On Da Drums [Music Man]
Randomer – Music For Two Kalimbas [Dekmantel]
Scalameriya – Descend [Genesa]
J. Tijn – Rookruimte [In An Instant]

Horror Brawl – Selection Sorted guest mix 07/02/2016 archive


The archive of Horror Brawl’s Selection Sorted guest mix from Sunday 07/02/2016 is now online…


Emika – Battles (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix) [Emika]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt VIP [Digital Distortions]
Surgeon – Klonk (Part 1) [Dynamic Tension]
Raiz – Vindicate [Droid]
Myler – Cold Without A Hood [Mindcut]
Cassegrain & Tin Man – Oxide [Ostgut Ton]
Alavux – Freakedout [Digital Distortions]
Roebin de Freitas – Chav Shavings [Digital Distortions]
Ansome – Dave The Rave [Perc Trax]
Lag – Applied Mechanics (Voidloss Return To Occult Mix) [Singularity]
Chris McCormack – Crazy Legs Crane [Materials]
Rebekah – Ousted
Bionoid – Keep The Structure [Energun]
Dronelock & Ontal – Deductive Reasoning [Shadow Story]
Housemeister & Dave Tarida – Don’t Touch That [AYCB]
D-R-U-N-K – Bully [Green Fetish]
Needledust – Wuh! [NovaMute]

DDD063 :: Various Artists – DD10

Digital Distortions is 10 years old and to celebrate I’ve put together this compilation of new and exclusive tracks.

Rather than me babbling on trying to describe what it sounds like I advise you listen to it.

Download it if you like, it’s free, or pay a little bit of your hard earned cash for it if you think it’s worth it.

If you are new to DD I compiled some of the best bits from the past 10 years into 6 Legacy Systems albums which can be found here:

Or the entire back catalogue is available at

BRAWLcast #170 :: Horror Brawl – Technical Excellence Exemplified



Brendon Moeller – Adjust To Fading Light [Electric Deluxe]
A001 – Partheno [Mord]
Sleeparchive – Senza Titolo One [Mord]
Zenker Brothers – Neunkeu [Index Marcel Fengler]
Dead Sound – Got Ya Back Up [Green Fetish]
Dr Cyanide y Digitalboybdn – Reline [Basic Form]
TWR72 – Steie [Turbo]
Bas Mooy – Thood [Planet Rhythm]
Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Speedy J Edit) [Electric Deluxe]
UK Gold – Souless [Primevil]
Mirror 1 – Verna [Out Electronic]
A Guy Called Gerald – Blow Your House Down (British Murder Boys Remix) [Split]
Grovskopa – Balamber (Elbosco Remix) [Labrynth]
Hermes – Livity [Obscuur]
Energun – World Of Cars [Energun]
Roebin de Freitas – Chav Shavings [Digital Distortions]
Swarm Intelligence – Execute (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Acroplane]
Dense & Pika – Sycophant [Hypercolour]
Dare & Haste – Fear Engineering [Pareto Park]
Aiken – Hard Times [End Of Dayz]
Gary Todd ft. Mike Dunn – Bring Me Down [Contemporary Scarecrow]
138 – Deconstruct (JoeFarr Remix) [TXTRL]
Paul Birken – Big Rig Barnacle [Mord]
138 – Deconstruct (Paul Birken Remix) [TXTRL]
Hiroaki Iizuka – The Run [THEM]
Destructure – Roundhouse [Forza]
d_func & DJ T1000 – Terminator (Ritzi Lee Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Hadji – The Dust [Cicuta Net Label]
Wildtek – Camouflage Type Patterns Serie 2 (Type Pattern A) [Wildtek]
Headless Horseman – Chatterton Hill [Headless Horseman]
Rødhåd – Buzludzha [Token]
Zenker Brothers – Vamp Like [Tresor]
Surgeon – Prowler [Counterbalance]
British Murder Boys – Splinter [Downwards]
Möd3rn – Mö 7 [Möd3rn]
Endlec – Atitlo [Mord]
Alter Ego Vs. David Holmes – The Evil Needle [Harthouse]
JoeFarr – On Your Life [Power Vacuum]
Mickey Nox – Morning Maniac [Variance]
Dead Sound & Videohead – Scrape It Off The Floor [Perc Trax]
Ingen – Dural [Digital Distortions]
Clouds – Terrorcore [Turbo]
Gary Beck – Hopkin [Soma]
Fran Hartnett – Sword & Shield [Stasis]
Hans Bouffmyhre – Engine Room (Developer Remix Version 1) [Sleaze]

#170 Horror Brawl – Technical Excellence Exemplified by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #113 :: Bushby – Live @ Bulldozer 03/05/2014


“Amazing” and “Too good for Scarborough” are two of the things I heard about this set on the night…


Foremost Poets – Moonraker [Soundmen On Wax]
AudioGutter – Embers [Mutant Bass]
Blackmass Plastics – Time Crisis
Jon Oakley – Prime [Takeover]
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Symbols [Combat Recordings]
I,15 – Interless (Spookhouse More Skank Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Patscan – Spit Shine [Digital Distortions]
Savagen – Roughton Pounder [Darkfloor]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Patscan – Swoosh [Digital Distortions]
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Rituals [Combat Recordings]
Roebin de Freitas – Ez fiv qi [Digital Distortions]
Aktiverant – The Unreasonable Lock [Cicuta Netlabel]
Olga + Jozef – Untitled (Hu Remix) [Olga + Jozef]
DJ Boss – Judit [Planet Rhythm]
Spookhouse – T.S.S. [Digital Distortions]
Artificial Intelligence & Command Strange ft. Jamakabi – Mad One
Cursor Miner – The Null Hypothesis
Dom & Roland – Unofficial Jah [Metalheadz]
Survival & Break – Stano [Dispatch]
Goldie – Saint Angel [Metalheadz]

#113 Bushby – Live @ Bulldozer 03/05/2013 by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #109 :: Horror Brawl – Back To The Primitive



Objekt – Shuttered [Bleep Green Series]
L.B. Dub Corp – Ever & Forever [Ostgut Ton]
Justin Berkovi – Newmatic [Prosthetic Pressings]
Circuit Bending – Bent Six [Armatura Bonus]
Filip Xavi – Blue Collar [Sonntag Morgen]
Hound Scales – Wig Coat [Future Grooves]
Radial – Asiel [mord]
Skirt – Wish In The Maze (Inigo Kennedy Remix)
Phase – Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Process)
Mad-Tek – The Dark Age (Ion Driver Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Ben Long – Potential 002 B1 [Potential]
Surgeon – La Real 2 [Counterbalance]
Phase – Subtext [Token]
DJ Urban – You Work It [Flux]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Glow (Grovskopa Remix) [Soleil]
Point B – Istocity Meter [Frijsfo Beats]
Blackmass Plastics – Newton’s Cradle [Ugly Funk]
Roebin de Freitas – OP456zqc-a [Digital Distortions]
Brad Lee – Past Days Present Tense [Foot Fetish]
Bas Mooy – Son of Sins [Mord]
Go Hiyama – Fallingwater [Token]
DJ Misjah – F5 [Missile]
Zen Tech – Rasiermesser [Energun]
Thomas Krome – Dead DJ’s Don’t Dance Doom Disco [Corb]
Surgeon – Badger Bite [Downwards]
DBX – Losing Control [Peacefrog]
Inigo Kennedy – VHSK 1 [Token]
Matador IE – Blond Slackers (Rebekah Remix) [Stolen Moments]
DJ Slugo – Work It [Dance Mania]
Blawan – Kaz [R&S]
Snuff Crew – Eat This [International Deejay Gigolo]
Wire – Iced [Mord]
James Ruskin – Wisdom of Youth [Blueprint]
Polygon Window – Quoth [Warp]
Autechre – Second Scepe [Warp]

#109 Horror Brawl – Back To The Primitive by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #102 :: Roebin de Freitas


Originally broadcast on 24 November 2013. Roebin de Freitas took over the whole two hours of the show with this mix. Recorded to help promote his new release on Digital Distortions which is available now for free here or over at Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Roebin de Freitas – Pebbles [Unreleased]
Overlook – Street Spirit [31]
Black Rain – Data River [Blackest Ever Black]
Sawf – Know the System [Code Is Law]
Roebin de Freitas – Ez fiv qi [Digital Distortions]
Akkord – Renewal [Akkord]
Lag – Applied Mechanics [Singularity]
Unit 81 – Untitled [Unreleased]
Roebin de Freitas – Derailed [Unreleased]
4.26 – Together [Frozen Border]
Derlich – Concave [Sacramental]
Henning Baer – The Spies [Sonic Groove]
Ingen – Snap the Tilt [Digital Distortions]
T++ – Tensile [Erosion]
Roebin de Freitas – u382c [Digital Distortions]
Exium – Dagma [Pole]
Schizolectric – Synaptic Passage [Audiofugitives]
Let’s Go Outside – A Room Without Doors [Form 0-1]
Shadows – Distorted Images [Avian]
Xhin – Teeth [Stroboscopis Artefacts]
Tomohiko Sagae – Deburring/Makaton&Paul Damage remix [Rodz-Konez]
Neil Landstrumm – Old Rabbits [Planet Mu]
Roebin de Freitas – OP456zqc-a [Digital Distortions]
Ingen – Time Wounds All Heels [Digital Distortions]
Pangeae – Inna Daze [Hessle Audio]
Sepalcure – Taking You Back/RdF edit [Unreleased]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt/Blackmass Plastics remix [Digital Distortions]
Roebin de Freitas – Bloodfiller [Digital Distortions]
Boner M – Poke [Pennyroyal]
Villain – Pursuit [Singularity]
Shxcxchcxsh – xxzccczxxxx [Subsist]
Untold – Luminous [Hemlock]
Villain – Untraceable [Singularity]
Derlich – Triangulation [Singularity]
Randomer – Real Talk [Numbers]
Villain – Tincture [Singularity]
Shxcxchcxsh – Ldwgwtt [Avian]
Mike Storm – One Target [Orbis]
Roebin de Freitas – I Can Get It In A Fortnight/Unit 81 remix [Singularity]
Roebin de Freitas – Dogma nr.2/The Kick [Digital Distortions]
Boris Noiz – Omniforma [Yellow Machines]
Roebin de Freitas – Hatched Qtd2 [Ante-Rasa]
Seiren – Smoker [Seiren]

#102 Roebin de Freitas by Brawlcast on Mixcloud