IDENTIFY 02/08/2017 – Mallory

SLV – A Different Space [Soma]
Carl Finlow – Conduit (Volsoc’s Orange Problem Remix) [Electrix]
2ndSun – Velour [Blue Tapes]
Solitary Dancer – Losing Touch [Dark Entries]
Adapta – Ninety five [Brutalist Sunset]
Alpha 606 – 808 Trax [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Camin’ – Quatro [Get Busy!]
Alpha 606 – Guajiro (Alternate Jam) [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Zedje – Nymphs and Cupid [Subsist]
Solitary Dancer – Desire & Apathy [Graded]
He/aT – Not Exactly The Summer of Love Is It (Inland Melodimix) [Prodigal Son]
A Thousand Details – Excopate 01 [Kindcrime Recordings]
Rhyw – Sylvan [Avian]
Yan Cook – Creep [Eartoground]
SLV – Radiance [Soma]
Yan Cook – Indigo [Eartoground]
Zedje – Fall of the Damned [Subsist]
Developer – Get It On [Failsafe]
Kangding Ray – Optimum Perkin Flames [Mord]
Surgeon – Convenience Trap (Part 1) [Dynamic Tension]
Manni Dee – Estrangement Between [Leyla]
Lakej – Perceived Connectivity [Grey Report]
Yann Detrøit – D’dtkh [Kindcrime Recordings]
Cortechs – Produs [Darknet]
He/aT – Not Exactly The Summer of Love Is It (Inland Dub) [Prodigal Son]
Shlomo & AWB – Arcades [Taapion]
Joe Farr – Brace Brace [Onnset]
Dentis – Fucked Up [Variance]
Remco Beekwilder – Human Mind [Monnom]
VSK – Under Processing [47]
Unit Shifter – Bokhanovsky [R12]

IDENTIFY 09/06/2016 – Mallory



Claude Young – Sagittarius B2 [Founntain Music]
Andy Stott – New Romantic [Modern Love]
Chevel – low roof [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Divided – Mile End [Project 13 MCR]
Doka – Storm [Semantica]
Tafkamp – I laf you [Plaing Trax]
Tetuan Tapes – Tetuan Tapes 01 [Bass Agenda]
Planetary Assault Systems – Pull [Blueprint]
Cassegrain – Skull Gun [Arcingseas]
Tracy – Acute Reflection [Sonntag Mortem]
Tessela – Rub [Blueprint]
Drafted – Escluded [Soma]
Relapso – Invasion [Relapso]
Dax J – Understate [Clergy]
Tripeo & Cadans – Schmutz #1 [Tripeo]
Luca Agnelli – Long Delay [Soma]
Fran Hartnett – Bloodwave [Ostcode Exile]
Regis – Party Spoiler Too [Blueprint]
Fran Hartnett – Borrowed Seed [Ostcode Exile]
Tracy – Maybe Was A Shadow [Sonntag Mortem]
Developer – Tesla On the Radio [Modularz]
Joe Farr – In Focus [Leisure System]
Coastdream – Untitled [Paling Trax]
Dax J – Warp [Clergy]
Remco Beekwilder – Fraud [Plaing Trax]
JoeFarr – Comp Killer [Leisure System]
Randomer – Sheen [Blueprint]