IDENTIFY 22/06/2017 – Bushby

Formally Unknown – Sick Tune [Bass Oddity]
Strip Steve – Micro (Light Year & Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Boysnoize Records]
Jensen Interceptor – XL [Boysnoize]
Doubt, Syn & Tension – Flood [Flood Trax]
Unit 2 – Sunshine (Kink Remix) [Running Back]
DJ 3000 – Get It (Chambray Remix) [Motech]
Luke Vibert – Feel The Melody [Hypercolour]
6tmä – Joan Manuel Serato [Polybius Trax]
Rob Whittle – Psillycybin [HomeGrownMusic]
Minimum Syndicat – SweatANDstrobe [Nocturbulous]
Drvg Cvltvre – Waging a War Against God (Casper Hastings Remix) [Variance]
Leftfield – Song of Life (BodyJack Mix) [Hard Hands]
E110101 – 000061 [Subsist]
Sync 24 x Privacy – Hard To Tell [Cultivated Electronics]
Order of The Muffin – In The Dark [Bass Agenda]
Straight Razor – The Adversary [Bromance]
Atix – Tunnel [Bass Agenda]
Datasmok – 004 [Mord]
Aluphobia – Akira [Babylon]
J. Tijn – Sledge [Bedouin Records]
Jokasti & Nek – Bumrush [Mord]
Coping Mechanism – Sway Towards [Bromance]
Kursa and Seppa – Fucko Possé [Slug Wife]
Okkupied – The Sultan [Delta9]
Sustance – Rugged [Dispatch]
SCAR – Make ‘Em Know [Metalheadz]
Enei & DRS – The Process [Critical Music]
J Majik – Your Sound (SB81 Remix) [Metalheadz]

IDENTIFY 25/05/2017 – Bushby

Seied – Cellular Automata [Addictech]
Torbjørn – Kids These Days [Shadow Trix]
Chee – Gargantuan [Wonk#ay Records]
Gemo – Don’t b afraid [Wonk#ay Records]
Stereotyp – Ball Bout Murda (Signature Mix)
Marshall Applewhite – The Book is on the Table [Yo Sucka]
XXXY – Blup Blup [I Love Acid]
Mystic Bill – Return of the Preacherman [I Love Acid]
Mr. Ho + Florian Blauensteiner – Ammunition [Klasse Wrecks]
Leftfield – Storm 3000 (Dungeon Meat Remix)
CCH Poundr – Tour de Yorkshire [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – Cellular Transmissions [Digital Distortions]
Sync 24 & Truss – Tri-gate [Cultivated Electronics]
Radioactive Man – Bonnet Bee [Asking For Trouble]
Storb – Algorithm (Figure-Ground Remix 2)
Johannes Volk – Asteroid Riding [Polytone Recordings]
Natasha – Consciousness [Variant Electronic]
Casper Hastings – Bionic [Rave Selekts]
Casper Hastings – Withdrawl [Obscuur]
Unknown Artist – Murder Someone [Continuum Series]
Jerome Hill – Scez Princess [Don’t]
Blake – Bad Habits Die Hard [Digital Distortions]
Blake – Circa 1991 (64-bit Mix) [Digital Distortions]
Blake – SquareFace [Digital Distortions]
Blake – Krang 4 [Digital Distortions]
Homemade Weapons, MC Fokus & DBR UK – Paper Thin [Dispatch Recordings]
Mikal – Broadway [Dispatch Recordings]
Nymfo & Phase – Bulldog [Dispatch Recordings]
Overlook – Blue Rose [UVB-76]

BRAWLcast #160 :: Horror Brawl – Living In The Ruin Of The Old World



DBX – City On The Edge Of Forever [Peacefrog]
Aktiverant – Sudden Drop [Cicuta Netlabel]
Shcuro – Ilda (Lights Off) [Obscuur]
The Plant Worker – Delta Cut 01 [Ressort Imprint]
Dead Sound – Subbed Up
Distale – KLP10 [Invert Music]
Error Etica – Clenched Fist [Subsist]
Exium – Shock Waves [Mord]
BERTRAN – Chasm [Digital Distortions]
Ardisson – The End (Posthuman Remix) [Balkan Vinyl]
Contort – R5 (Concrete DJz Remix) [Cicuta Net Label]
Steve Pain – Fix The Problem [F.O.S.]
Distale – WXX20 (Nikola Gala Remix) [Invert Music]
Yan Cook – RRR [Planet Rhythm]
Shackleton – Beat His Command [Woe To The Septic Heart]
Surgeon – Klonk 2 [Dynamic Tension]
Distale – WXX20 [Invert Music]
Teknocracy – It’s The One That Hits You [Teknocracy]
BERTRAN – Show Them [Digital Distortions]
DJ Boss – Judit [Planet Rhythm]
PCP – Metal Clouds (Lokodepo Remix) [Energun]
Tobias – Ya Po [Ostgut Ton]
Tripeo – Anipintiros #5 + #8 (Exium Mash Up Remix) [Tipeo]
Vril – Portal 5 [Delsin]
Coldgeist – Artefacts (Developer Remix V1) [Weekend Circuit]
Ancient Methods – White Flames [Ancient Methods]
Black Smith Craft – Cow Power (Ben Gibson Remix) [Limetree Projects]
Jake Conlon – Stop Out [Pareto Park]
Leftfield – Shaker Obsession [Infectious Music]
Aubrey – Bass Overlord [Offshoot]
the wee djs – monmat [This Machine Is Broken]

BRAWLcast #160 Horror Brawl – Living In The Ruin Of The Old World by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #137 :: Bushby – Beyond The Strife Nexus



Armand Van Helden – Alienz [Armed]
Special Request – Mindwash [Houndstooth]
Specialivery – Amenhotep III [Tessier-Ashpool]
Mark Archer – Armageddon (Mark Broom Remix) [Balkan]
Special Request – Wall To Wall [Houndstooth]
Jakeone – Serpents [Balkan]
KingThing – Neglect Me [Fortified Audio]
Kill Frenzy ft. DJ Funk – Make That Booty Clap (Mark Starr’s Booty Tech Mix) [Dirtybird]
Blackmass Plastics – Ice And Slice [Western Panorama]
Blackmass Plastics – Future Past [Rag & Bone]
Galet – Random Layer [Russian Techno]
Tube Jerk – Everyone Everywhere Is Dead [Sativae]
Luke’s Anger – Show Me Some Lazer [Bonus Round]
Si Begg – Finding My Way (DJ Shabushabu Remix) [Noodles]
Nightwave – Luxor [Heka Trax]
Steve Poindexter – Work This Pussy [Giant]
Carl Taylor – Obsession-909 [Auterform]
Head High – Megatrap (Real Mix) [Power House]
Leftfield – Phat Planet (Dave Clarke Remix) [Hard Hands]
Turbulent Force – Breathless [Emissions Audio Output]
Dez Williams – Freedom [Earwiggle]
Cynthia Stern – Ich Ordne, Sie Sauge An [Growth]

#137 Bushby – Beyond The Strife Nexus by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #099 :: Bushby – Intricate Protocols


Originally broadcast 13 October 2013 on In 2 weeks time it will be BRAWLcast #100, this will be a special extended show which will see the return of Horror Brawl (Neil is back!). So for #099 I thought I’d play some of the music that Neil and I were into when we originally met; that music was progressive house…


Chab – Tunneling [Plastic Fantastic]
Alexander Church – Flying Machines [Dorigen]
The Crystal Method – You Know It’s Hard (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix) [Outpost]
Pappa & Gilbey – Skindeep (Dub) [Choo Choo]
DJ Remy – In Your Face (Starecase Remix) [Additive]
Odessi – Moments of Space [Baroque]
Hellpass – Growler [Gravitation]
Redanka – Sonic Strategy [Whoop!]
Bedrock – Beautiful Strange [Bedrock]
Stoneproof – Everything’s Not You (Quivver’s Space Mix) [VC Recordings]
Voyager – Panic [Coded]
Paul Nord – Hedgehog (Plasmatics Remix) [Mutekki]
King of Spin – Antioch [Silver Planet]
Leftfield – Afro-Ride [Hard Hands]
Proper Filthy Naughty – Philter [10 Kilo]
Orbital – Nothing Left (Way Out West Remix) [FFRR]
Jark Prongo – Movin’ Thru Your System (Slacker Remix) [Hooj]
Timo Maas – Der Schieber [Hope]
DJ Tomcraft – The Mission (Club Mix) [Kosmo]
Tilt – I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) [Hooj]

#099 Bushby – Intricate Protocols by Brawlcast on Mixcloud