IDENTIFY 17/08/2017 – Bushby

Anthony Fade – At Night [Shall Not Fade]
DJ Relationship Goals – Do You Ever [E-Beamz]
Minimal Violence – Now! [Lobster Theremin]
Cardopusher – Just One Fixx [Boysnoize]
Boxwork – Remember the Freak [WNCL]
Makesome Breaksome – Pig Chase [Plank]
Bushwacka! – The Egyptian (Tokamak Remix) [Plank]
Doubleheart – Salsa [Neil Landstrumm]
Topoke – Put Pon Version [Crunchtime]
Akkord – RCVR [Houndstooth]
Detboi- Fragile [Metalheadz]
Clouds – Dinner at Skinja’s [Electric Deluxe]
Christian W√ľnsch – Senseless Acts [Tsunami]
Noncompliant – Hedalexa [Flash Recordings]
Alignment – Mirage [Flash Recordings]
Pinion – Projectile [Mord]
Neil Landstrumm – Loyalties [Sativae]
Audion & Tiga – Stabbed In The Back [Turbo]
Neil Landstrumm – Flip Em [Neil Landstrumm]
Amper Clap – B-82 [Urban Connections]
Amper Clap – Boits [Urban Connections]
Scanone – Edge of The Universe
Detboi – Secret Venom [Metalheadz]
SomeJerk – The Block [Ground Mass Music]
NC-17 – Kubrickville [Weapons of Choice]
Detboi – Claws [Metalheadz]
Kid Drama – Brutal D [Metalheadz]
Kid Drama – Payback [Metalheadz]
Minimal Violence – HMV 94 [Lobster Theremin]

BRAWLcast #192 :: Bushby – CD-ROMantic



DJ NHK Guy – Get It [Yesterday Once More]
Chango + FSTZ – Who Got Doe [Ground Mass]
Nonfuture – Acid Werk [Ground Mass]
Londy – Juke Bounce Werk [Juke Bounce Werk]
Slick Shoota – Keep Bussin’ [Apotechary]
Machinedrum ft. Body Language – Flycatcha [Planet Mu]
Chango + FSTZ – Work Em [Ground Mass]
Moresounds – Flash Bodega [Moresounds]
Bil Bless – Dumb By Design [Bil Bless]
Kid Sister ft. DJ Gant Man – Switch Board [Fool’s Gold]
Childish Gambino – Sweatpants [Glassnote]
Ventah – When You Say [Good Street]
DJ Deeon – Pump On The Floor (Juke Mix) [Juke Trax]
Plot Twist – Hiden Mehod Part II (Sideswipe Remix) [Ground Mass]
DLX – Get Back! [Ground Mass]
Sam Binga & Om Unit – Reclaim [Critical]
Sully – Helios [Astrophonica]
Beenie Man & Chuckleberry – Murder [Desert Storm]
Ebola – Witness The Firepower (Endor Free Party Mix) [Balkan]
Hertz Couture – Keepin’ It Real [Dred Collective]
KidLogic – Hystamine [Ground Mass]
Beatnok & Image – Primer [Ground Mass]
Sound Of The Future – Lighter (Philip D. Kick Footwork Edit)
Fracture, DJ Spinn & Taso – Acid Claps [Exit]
Mark Kloud – Ground Whispers [Ground Mass]
Kid Drama ft. Om Unit – Grind [Exit]
Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Nonfuture 160 Refix)
Symbiotic Sounds – Fake City [Sequel One]

IDENTIFY 26/05/2016 – Bushby



Confutatis – Erase [Bass Agenda]
The Exaltics – Hope [Bass Agenda]
Rennie Foster – Paroxetine [Bass Agenda]
Posthuman – Try Again [Balkan]
Posthuman – Kill It With Fire [Balkan]
Faetch – Wershif [Earwiggle]
Hawke & God Within – Acid Funk (Original G. Hardkiss Mix) [Hardkiss]
Scalameriya – Splicing [Genesa]
J-Zbel – Nom de Porc [Brothers From Different Mothers]
J-Zbel – ZHF (Gale Mix) [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Andrew Red Hand – Bass Agenda (Ghostwerk Remix) [Detroit Underground]
The Hacker – Vectors [Bass Agneda]
dBRm – Faction [The Nothing Special]
Faetch – Cargoe [Earwiggle]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Absence [Killekill]
Jerome Hill – Memory Machine [Killekill]
Uncle Texx – Chinoise Ghetto [Booty Tune]
Zed Bias – Fever [Exit]
Surly – Serious [Juke Bounce Werk]
Foreign Beggars, Machinedrum, Fracture & Ocean Wisdom – 100 Standard [Par Excellence]
Homemade Weapons & Red Army – Buzzkill [Samurai]
DBR UK & Structures – Scans [Dispatch]
Kid Drama – Red Magic [Exit]
Richie Brains ft. Rider Shafique – Respeck Due [Exit]
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit VIP) [31 Recordings]
Heist – Violent Rain [Metalheadz]
Dravier – Live 1 [Jungle Gym]