BRAWLcast 210 :: BlaKe – Brawlin’ With The House Monsters

New DD signing BlaKe offers up this jacking, ruff as a badgers arse, heavy house mix for the BRAWLcast.


Kill Frenzy – H.O.U.S.E [Dirtybird]
Marc Spence & Pete Graham – Repeat Delete [Sleazy G]
Ryan Wick – Por La Noche [Dirtybird]
Kill Frenzy – Gorilla [Dirtybird]
Shadow Child – 23 [Food Music]
Slow Jam – Thizz [Dirtybird]
Josh Brown – Saturated Static [Thisaintbristol]
Malaa & Maximono – Arsenic [Confession]
Marc Spence & Pete Graham – The Nubbin [Sleazy G]
Billy Kenny & Maximono – Get Off [Thisaintbristol]
Billy Kenny & Maximono – Das Ist Sick [Thisaintbristol]
Low Steppa & Bot – This Is [Thisaintbristol]
Dillon Nathaniel & Dateless – Fight The Power [Audiophilexxl]
Maximono – 83’ [Cuff]
Sasha Robotti & Slowbody – Elephant Man [Thisaintbristol]
Radioactive Man – Pieces Of Eight [Fabric]

IDENTIFY 02/03/2017 – Bushby


Melly – Mask Shop [Jheri Tracks]
DJ Stop – Filthy Mc Nasty [HomeGrownMusic]
Tyrees – Tidy [Emperor Recordings]
Willrijk – Melting Blues [Lobster Theremin]
ASOK – Track Four [Lobster Theremin]
Artist Unknown – Deviant (DJ Bullsheet Mix) [Running Back]
Sebastian Voigt – Untitled [Outcast Oddity]
Juxta Position – Sutartines [Failsafe]
DJ Pembroke – Sports Life [Emperor Recordings]
Spec. – Black Cocaine [Infamous Tracks]
Luke Creed – Spacefilter [Variant Electronic]
Scott Robinson – Jack in a Box [Variant Electronic]
Joyless – Dominion (Neil Landstrumm Remix) [Nachstromm Schallplatten]
The Deleter – Number Phantom [Balkan Records]
Gareth Wild – If I Burn You Burn [Planet Rhythm]
JoeFarr – For The Essence [RAAR]
Roijacker – Out Of The Lights (_Unsubscribe_ Remix) [RAAR]
Federico Amoroso – Skarn (Plukkk Remix) [Skarn Division]
Forest Drive West – Jungle Crack [Rupture London]
Dom & Xanadu – UltraViolet [Dom & Roland Productions]
Mako & Andy Skopes – The Mercenary [Dispatch]
SCAR – Veiled Threats [Dispatch]
SCAR – Rude Boy [Dispatch]
Dom & Fierce – Just Loop It [Dom & Roland Productions]
Gein – Street Sweeper [Moving Shadow]
Skeptical & Alix Perez – Taurus [Exit]

IDENTIFY 13/01/2017 – Mallory


Craig Richards – Batty Three [The Nothing Special]
Ultar-Red – A16 (Edit) [Fat Cat]
Pedram – Lex (Craig Richards Magic Carpet Remix) [Born Electric]
Odd_Soul – Rumbapitoul (The Mole´s Rumboul Mix) [Discobar]
Black L3G0 – Everything [Legendary Sound Research]
SIT – Angels [Amphia]
MPJT – Zulu [Hivern Discs]
Gnork – Influxxxx [Magic Wire]
Tempel Rytmik – Aguirre (Tempel Rytmik Edit) [Hivern Discs]
Dorisburg – Gloson [Hivern Discs]
Craig Richards – Batty One [The Nothing Special]
Binh – Milky Way [My Own Jupiter]
Keith Worthy – Rockit Science (The Deeptroit Deepstrumental) [Aesthetic Audio]
Robin Ordell – Instruments [Eklo]
Red Rack’em – Kalimba [Philomena]
Robin Ordell – Nobody Loves Bishopgate [Half Baked]
Dorisburg – Time Stretch Totem [Aniara Recordings]
Binh – Booari [My Own Jupiter]
Mome – My Lovely City (rawmix)
Interstate – I Want This Groove To Never End [Blaq Numbers]
Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie – Follow [Lazar Hoche]
Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie – Retrospect [Lazare Hoche]
Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits (Embryo Groove Nite Edit)
Kasper – Deeper Love [Soul Notes]
Bruce Trail – Fly by Night [Magic Wire]

IDENTIFY 05/01/2017 – Bushby


John Tejada – Therapy 6 [Palette]
Julian Alexander – JANC6 [SlapFunk Records]
DJ Seinfeld – Jerry [Lobster Theremin]
TRP – Pano [Lobster Theremin]
Daniel Heidt – Empty Smiles [Nontemporary]
AGE – Giftgas [Thomas P. Heckmann]
Thomas P. Heckmann – Luzifer [Thomas P. Heckmann]
Vin Sol – 808 Trash Pile [Nonplus]
Faceless Junkies Deluxe – CASIO RZ 1+TT 303 100 [Faceless Junkies Deluxe]
Mike Dunn – The EL Train [Jack For Daze]
Hiroaki Iizuka – Voodoo [Them]
Max Cooper & Satirist – Grit [#savefabric]
In An Instant – Offshore [In An Instant]
Bebop & Rocksteady – Rinse Aid [Ben Pest]
Alden Tyrell – GETO5 [Jack For Daze]
Boriqua Tribez – Fancy (Technolatino Swing) [Different Is Different]
Walastek – Fly Rocket Fly [Detroit Undergound]
Truncate – 7_1 (Ambivalent Remix) [Truncate]
Neil Landstrumm – Missing You [Mord]
Kursa – Pik Em Up [Kursa]
Sinistarr – Rook [Exit]
Sinistarr – Shake [Exit]
Freshtilldef – Run [Ten Toes Turbo]
Johnathan Thomas – Rupture (Breaka Remix) [Good Street]
Cesrv – STRTZ [Sequel One Records]
Kolectiv & Mauoq – Killer Instinct [Diffrent]
Homemade Weapons – Red Herring [Samurai Music]
Ulterior Motive – Chapters [feat. Meyhem Lauren & Brotherman] (Icicle Remix) [Metalheadz]
OneMind & Om Unit – Expliciticity [Metalheadz]
Kursa – Take CTRL [Kursa]
Kursa – Get Down [Kursa]

IDENTIFY 08/12/2016 – Bushby


Grant – Mainstream Belief [Mörk]
Marco Lazovic – Dunkelheit [Jungle Gym]
John Tejada – Air Raid [Palette]
Chambray – Jers [Ultramajic]
Mak & Pasteman – Automatik [Unnkown To The Unknown]
DJ Haus – Get on Down [Rinse]
Benton – Watson [Benton Beats]
CCH Poundr – Chariots Of Acid [Digital Distortions]
CCH Poundr – Office Job [Digital Distortions]
Exercise One – All These People [#savefabric]
Ambivalent – Red Ones (Bump Mix) [Delft]
Yung Acid – Boppin’ (Drvg Cvltvre Remix) [New York Haunted]
Specta – Envoy [Code Is Law]
Perc & Randomer – Igneous [Perc Trax]
Atix – Big Bad [Mako]
Mazzula – Malaise [Mazzula]
Amper Clap – Suction [Amper Clap]
Order Of The Muffin – Next Generation [Anti Gravity Device]
Noh Vae – Shamanism [Terra Null]
Dexta & Kolectiv – Make Me [Diffrent]
Gaunt – Left Horizontal [Diffrent]
Homemade Weapons – Hawkeye [Samurai Music]
J-Kenzo – Skatta VIP [Cosmic Bridge]
J-Kenzo – Sykura [31 Recordings]
DLR ft. Break – Wonder What it Feels Like [Dispatch]
Calyx & Teebee – Loose Ends [#savefabric]
OneMind – Skin Dem [Metalheadz]

Whoosh Faktor x IDENTIFY 30/10/2016 – Mallory


Mallory covering the Whoosh Faktor show on


Planetary Assault Systems – Cassette [Ostgut Ton]
DJ Spider – Sonic Hypnosis [Plan B Recordings]
Planetary Assault Systems – Interlude 1 [Ostgut Ton]
Wrong Assessment – Synopsis [EartoGround]
Planetary Assault Systems – Angel of The East [Ostgut Ton]
DJ Spider – Symphonic Witchery [Sublevel Sounds]
O.K & L.N – Hunter (16 edit) [Subsist]
Cadans – Vocal Exercise [Wolfskuil]
UBX127 – Cyclic Soundscape [Figure]
DJ Spider – The Empty Tomb [Sublevel Sounds]
Christian Morgenstern – Miscellaneous 10 (Distant Echoes Remix) [Konsequent]
Deepbass – Futer [Reclaim Your City]
Christian Morgenstern – Miscellaneous 9 (Ben Kaczor Remix) [Konsequent]
Planetary Assault Systems – Bawoo Bawoo [Ostgut Ton]
Cleric x Dax J – Sirius [Clergy]
Roman Flugel – Dead Idols [Dial]
Adriana Lopez – En Ningun Lugar [Modularz]
Organ Grinder – Attention [Borg]
Hector Oaks – Inherent Speech [Reclaim Your City]
Deapmash – Dimension [Soul Notes]
Denise Rabe – Sunday Blues (Rrose Remix) [Arts Collective]
Cleric x Dax J – Flight 19 [Clergy]
Slam – Psalm [Soma]
Perc & Randomer – Breezeblock [Perc Trax]
Cadans – Hollow Funk [Wolfskuil]
Gareth Wild – Enough Is Enough [Planet Rhythm]
Deapmash & Kastil – Thread [Soul Notes]
Deapmash & Raito – Compressed Quantum Vision [Soul Notes]
Special Request – Reset It (Head High Real Mix) [XL]
Special Request – Reset It (Head High Dirt Mix) [XL]
Blixaboy – Detroit Steel [Central Processing Unit]

IDENTIFY 05/07/2016 – Mallory



Subjecktive – No Cursing (Gnork’s Redream) [Crow Castle Cuts]
Gnork – Larm [Crow Castle Cuts]
Hans Thalau – White CC [THAL]
Dan Curtin – Bassius [Transit]
David Moran – Feelin’ 909
DJEbali – Closer [DJEBALI]
DJ QU – Visitation [Strength Music Recordings]
Djebali Presents Mr KS – Rhodes [DJEBALI]
Marquis Hawkes – The Landsberger Funk [Houndstooth]
Chris Carrier – One Foot On Earth [Robsoul Jazz]
David Moran – Shady Biznizz
Guy From Downstairs – Insir Rope [Robsoul]
Hans Thalau – White BB [THAL]
Gnork – Chord Tool [Quartet Series]
DJ QU – Toc [Strength Music Recordings]
Arttu – Inna Parte [4Lux]
JammHot – Do Your Own Thing [Madhouse}
James Benedict – Double Peace [MadHouse]
Fred P – Wave Patterns [Rex Club Music]
DJ QU – Feed off Of [Strength Music Recordings]
Marquis Hawkes – Feel The Music [Houndstooth]
DJ QU – Supafly [Strength Music Recordings]
Chris Carrier – Hyperloop [Robsoul Jazz]

IDENTIFY 29/03/2016



Hans Thalou – Black BB [THAL Communications]
Lawrence – The Cave
Fred P – Unbroken Circle [Rex Club Music]
Alfredo Caforio – M03 [Transition Lab]
Hans Thalou – Black CC [THAL Communications]
Detroit Swindle – The Wrap Around (Rozzo Remix)
Franck Roger – Toddify [Home Invasion]
Arttu – Wiggly Eyez [Black 4 Lux]
Franck Roger – Freeze [Home Invasion]
Hans Thalou – Black DD [THAL Communications]
Fred P – Wave Patterns [Rex Club Music]
Jordan – Body curtain advance [Boards]
Arttu – X ray shit [Black 4 Lux]
Quell – 202020 [Saints&Sonnets]
Quell – Disorder [Saints&Sonnets]
DJ Dan – Put That Record Back On (Peace Division Remix) [Honchos Music]
2ndSun – Divisive Circuit [Tessier-Ashpool Recordings]
DJ Haus – Addicted 2 Houz [Hot Haus Recs]
Brame & Klansee – They’ll Be (Washerman Remix) [Deep Down Slam]
Marsupials, Marcus Raute – Together [Large Music]
Brendon Moeller – Take A Dive Into The Sound [Electric Deluxe]
Miroir & Bicer – Let Me Go (Fred P Reshape)
Harry Light – Oh Kroshka [Funky Town]

BRAWLcast #174 :: Bushby – Making Another Science Of It


Making A Science Of It was my most popular mix last year so I decided to another one in a similar acidey style.


Chip E – Time To Jack (House Mix) [House Records]
Mark Archer – P Meister [Mark Archer]
JT Donaldson – Make You Higher (Before I Go) [Robsoul]
Ardisson – The End [Balkan]
DJ Haus – Cape Fear [Creme Organization]
Chaos In The CBD – Rolling 84’s [Clek Clek Boom]
L-Vis 1990 – Feel The Void (Paul Woolford’s Afterhours Mix) [Universal]
Carl Taylor – Jack’s Back (Only U) [Auterform]
LFO Vs. FUSE – Loop [Plus 8]
The Horn – I Get By [Universal Language]
Jerome Hill – Paper Bag Acid [Super Rhythm Trax]
Swiss Cheese Vapour – Monitor Head [Eukatech]
Hercules – Lost In The Groove (Jerome Hill Edit) [Super Rhythm Trax]
Acidulant – Acid Therapy [Mona]
Frankie Knuckles – Baby Wants To Ride (Acidulant Tribute Edit)
Aveform – Discotheque For Mom [Russian Techno]

#174 Bushby – Making Another Science Of It by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

Some “back in the day” house music mixes

As well as the BRAWLcast I have a house music based podcast called Kitchen Spasm which I run under my (not so) secret alias: DJ Kitchen.

The past couple of mixes on the Kitchen Spasm podcast have been a look back at the kind of music Neil and I were playing between the years of 1998 – 2001/2-ish (roughly).

Brett Johnson – Stucco Homes [Classic]
Peace Division – Bounce To This (Remix) [NRK]
Gemini – In My Head [Classic]
Blue Six – Music & Wine (Th’Attaboy Vocal) [Naked Music]
DJ Rork – I Wanna See You Come Down (RK’s Mix) [Serial]
Naked Music NYC – It’s Love (Joshua’s Mo Musique Vocal) [OM]
Akabu – Your Wildest Dreams (Joey Negro’s Medusa Mix) [NRK]
Fresh & Low – Love Capsule Deluxe (Soul Purpose Remix) [Airtight]
Eddie Richards – Someday [SOCO Audio]
Pure Science – Burnin’ Babe [B+Positive]
Plastic Avengers – Stereo (Hipp-E Remix) [Soma]
Trancesetters – Roaches (Peace Division Remix) [Hooj]
Joff Roach – Analysis [Hooj]
Moonface – Roton [Bedrock]
X-Press 2 – Lazy (Peace Division Remix) [Skint]
Blu Peter – Funky Suite (FC Kahuna’s Headstart Mix) [React]
Ubu – Pixels (Hipp-E’s Twisted Mix) [Azuli]
Hipp-E & Tony – Come On [Nightshift]
6400 Crew – Mango Drum [Siesta]
Soul Interactive – Riddem Control [Soma]
Hipp-E – Down On Me [Doubledown]
Rocket – People (Jeno’s Stormy Weather Mix) [Grayhound]
Joeski & Chus – El Amor (Peace Division’s Deeper Mix) [NRK]
DJ Linus – Who Stole The Soul [Brique Rouge]
Ty Tek & Little Mike – Strange Vacation (Mike & Ty’s Sleep Deprivation Mix) [Phrunky]
Floppy Sounds – Team Realness [Wave Music]

Swayzak – Speedboat [Swayzak]
Sci-Phi – Human Spirit [Lunar Tunes]
Eddie Richards – iMove [Lunar Tunes]
Fred Nasen – Sunday Visitor (The Mingers Remix) [Visitor]
Hipp-E – Primary Function [Doubledown]
Autonomous Soul – Our Time (Peace Division Dub) [Plastica]
DJ Dan – Put That Record Back On (Peace Division Remix) [Kinteic]
6400 Crew – Dubb Me Some’tin Fresh [Yoshitoshi]
DJ Rasoul – Oh Baby [Soulfood]
Two Right Wrongans – Sorry Mate You’ve Got The Wrong House (Big Hair’s Get-Your-Mudma-Next-Door Remix) [Wrong]
Layo & Bushwacka! – Ear Candy [End Recordings]
DJ Garth & ETI – Disco Glory (Rocket’s Rough & Raw Mix) [Grayhound]
Rocket – People [Grayhound]
Halo Varga – Future [Siesta]
Mike & Charlie – I Get Live (Headbanger Boogie Mix) [Regal]
Nathan Coles – Plip Plop You Don’t Stop [End Recordings]
Hakan Lidbo – Natty Roots [Worship]
Solomonic Sound – Night Life [Worship]

Inspired by these mixes, my friend Tom has done one as well, his contains tracks that were the soundtrack to the year he moved to London to go to Uni.

51 days – Paper moon (1994)
TLS – Glide by shooting (1996)
Soda – Solo sour (2004)
Housey doingz – Naff off (1997)
The Inhabitants – Mistaken identity (2002)
E.B.E – Distraught (1999)
Pure Science – Getting down (2000)
Primitive Translations – Untitled (1998)
Bushwacka – I wanna get high (2003)
Zorro – Orange (2001)
John Tejada – You think of everything (1998)
Urban Response – Mission complete (1998)