BRAWLcast 212 Bushby – Trace Decay

Positive Merge – Picture Of The Day (Strck Remix) [Kaputt]
Peter van Hoesen – Last One At 1080 [Ann Aimee]
Roman Lindau – Avide [Fachwerk]
Instra:Mental – Thomp [Nonplus]
Trackman – Don’t Stop (Valmay Remix) [Flux]
The Black Dog – Ism [Dust Science]
Loudon Kleer – Parallel (Break Even Mix) [Parallel 125]
Elektrabel – Seesel (SDX remix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
Bionoid – Accelerator [Energun]
House of Black Lanterns – Drown (South London Ordnance Remix) [EPM]
Future Imposter – Blok (Casper Hastings Remix) [Concepto Hipnotico]
Roebin de Freitas – Pallisander (Aerts Remix) [Authentic Pew]
Ingen – Dural [Digital Distortions]
Voidloss – They died in 99 [Subsist]
The Reaver – Danger (Glyph Theme) [Rekids]
Jack Master – Bang the Box (Slam Remix) [Soma]
Joyless – Swedish Sisters (UVB Remix) [Nachstromm Schallplatten]
ISZ – Invasion [Subsist]
Specialivery – ATON (Autoremix)
Corvum – Insite OF Gnosticism [Subsist]

IDENTIFY 13/10/2016 – Bushby



Bored Lord – The Cost Of Living [Rare Nnudes]
MM – QBT16 [Her Records]
Formally Unknown – Holy Drum [Them Flavours]
Marquis Hawkes – Free Of Sin [Aus Music]
Fisky – Activate [Hyperboloid]
He/at – I’ve Never Been To Bed With An ugly Girl But I’ve Woken Up With A Few [Mord]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Type 1 [Vanta Series]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Type 3 (JoeFarr Remix) [Vanta Series]
Cursor Miner – The Undecidable [Combat Recordings]
Tommy Four Seven – Bactria [47]
Scalameriya – Majin [Bombtrap]
Ingen – Gray Mare’s Tail [Bombtrap]
Reznyk – OSC 23 [Armatura]
Elektrabel – Seesel (SDX remix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
The Subdermic – The Passion (grindr mix) [Bass Agenda]
C Mantle – Glitch [Obscuur]
Hono – Cani [Pls.Uk]
Fina Rodriguez – 5×5 [Digital Distortions]
Fina Rodriguez – Step By Step [Digital Distortions]
w1b0 – Utopia Planitia [Bass Agenda]
Caron – Dark Spectrum [Transcendent]
Fina Rodriguez – I See In The Dark [Digital Distortions]
Fina Rodriguez – Alone [Digital Distortions]
Walters – All Day [Good Street]
Chimpo – Stanna Stairlift [Exit]
Chimpo – Ram Dance Man [Exit]
Ed-It – Babylon Step [Shogun Audio]
Dom & Roland – A New Renegade [Metalheadz]

BRAWLcast #140 :: Horror Brawl – Androgenic, Systemic, Multiplex



Wata Igarashi – Rotating Field (Jeaven Remix) [Sienna Obscure]
Mark Broom – Come Home [Pure Plastic]
Scalameriya & Dubit – Moan (Go Hiyama Remix) [Genesa Records]
Advanced Human – Cajamarca [Counter Pulse]
Coldgeist – Artefacts (Developer Remix V2) [Weekend Circuit]
Aubrey – Centrifuge Azul [Theory Recordings]
Radial – Quarantine [Mord]
Urbano – Mess Jack
Digital Filth – Pylon [Data Trace]
Elektrabel – Mola [Prototypes]
Dead Sound – Brain Freeze [DSNT]
Zen Tech – Unendlichkeit [Energun]
Trade – Touch This Skin [Works The Long Nights]
Len Faki – Stripped [Figure]
DJ Ty – Work Me [Juke Trax]
Radial – Boks [Mord]
Trade – Positive Neckline [Works The Long Nights]
Boner M – Tsiu [Arts]
C. Mantle – Congener 1 (Ingen Remix) [Acre Recordings]
Dead Sound & Videohead – Pay Your Due [Pareto Park]
Effy – The Look (Ansome Remix) [Discos Dead]
Marco Zenker – Lubiana [Ilian Tape]
Kwartz – Breakage [Polegroup]
Rupcy – Can [Ilian Tape]
UVB – Fit [Mord]
Roman Poncet – Truck [Figure]
Ansome – Smeatons [Files Rec]
GabeeN & C-System – The Human Machine [Energun]
Paul Birken – That Which My Shovel Finds [Bonus Round]
Kike Pravda – Main Control (Grovskopa Remix) [Psychoskunk]
UVL – uv 6 [Energun]
User – Untitled 09 [User]
Regis – Careless Pedestrian [Downwards]
Randomer – Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix) [Clone Basement Series]
Head High – It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion) [Power House]
Paul Mac – Jump Rope [Kanzleramt]
Grain – Untitled #3 [FatCat Records]
Paul Mac – Too Much (James Ruskin Remix) [Stimulus Recordings]

#140 Horror Brawl – Androgenic, Systemic, Multiplex by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #089 :: Mike Stern – Command & Conquer


Mike Stern – Command & Conquer

Recently I recorded a mix for Mike Stern’s excellent Manifest Podcast, you can check out that mix here. In return Mike has recorded this militant techno mix for the BRAWLcast.

Manifest links: Soundcloud / Mixcloud / @ManifestPodcast


Fossilii – Intrii [Superdrive]
Scorn – Stripped Back Hinge [Ad Noiseam]
Voidloss – ‘Abd [Ground Effect]
Elektrabel – RJ3 [Cicuta] <free download>
Jake Conlon – Stop Out [Pareto Park]
Death Abyss – Humiliate For Sport [Rodz Konez]
Molez – Understanding Mechanisms [Acre Recordings] <free download>
Dead Sound – Underskin [Pareto Park]
V. Cepeda – Synthetic Coma (Structural Form Remix) [28Excess]
Alfonso Sanchez – Solid State [Aktivists]
Tomohiko Sagae – Endurance [Authentic Pew]
Clouds – Phantom Female [Fifth Wall]
Demon.I/O – Ground (Snap-9A Remix) [Dark Garden] <free download>
Kwartz – Silence Turns To Violence [Cicuta] <free download>
Death Abyss – You Are All Our Toys [Rodz Konez]
Demon.I/O – Ground (Jack In Out Remix) [Dark Garden] <free download>
Asagaoaudio – Savage Seamonk [Delusions]
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Minor Nine (Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch Remix) [Defcom]
Wirewound – Discharge Switch [Stasis]
Oscar Mulero – Disinformation (Xhin Remix) [Warm Up]
Stingrays – Calculated Question [Relocked]
Cursor Miner – Nonon [Don’t]
Paula Temple – Cloned [R&S]
Demon.I/O – Storm [Dark Garden] <free download>
w1b0 – Stormfront [Lasergum]
Stanislav Tolkachev – Tested On Humans [Panel Trax]
Aerts & Perthill – Stimulating Hormone (Kevin Gorman Remix) [Authentic Pew]
Adverse Event & James Jaymal – Hydrograph (Jake Conlon Remix) [Input Output Systems]
The Black Dog – Broken Mind (Regis Remix) [Dust Science]
Nonima – Serotonin [Section27] <free download>

Mike Stern – Command & Conquer by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

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