IDENTIFY 22/06/2017 – Bushby

Formally Unknown – Sick Tune [Bass Oddity]
Strip Steve – Micro (Light Year & Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Boysnoize Records]
Jensen Interceptor – XL [Boysnoize]
Doubt, Syn & Tension – Flood [Flood Trax]
Unit 2 – Sunshine (Kink Remix) [Running Back]
DJ 3000 – Get It (Chambray Remix) [Motech]
Luke Vibert – Feel The Melody [Hypercolour]
6tmä – Joan Manuel Serato [Polybius Trax]
Rob Whittle – Psillycybin [HomeGrownMusic]
Minimum Syndicat – SweatANDstrobe [Nocturbulous]
Drvg Cvltvre – Waging a War Against God (Casper Hastings Remix) [Variance]
Leftfield – Song of Life (BodyJack Mix) [Hard Hands]
E110101 – 000061 [Subsist]
Sync 24 x Privacy – Hard To Tell [Cultivated Electronics]
Order of The Muffin – In The Dark [Bass Agenda]
Straight Razor – The Adversary [Bromance]
Atix – Tunnel [Bass Agenda]
Datasmok – 004 [Mord]
Aluphobia – Akira [Babylon]
J. Tijn – Sledge [Bedouin Records]
Jokasti & Nek – Bumrush [Mord]
Coping Mechanism – Sway Towards [Bromance]
Kursa and Seppa РFucko Poss̩ [Slug Wife]
Okkupied – The Sultan [Delta9]
Sustance – Rugged [Dispatch]
SCAR – Make ‘Em Know [Metalheadz]
Enei & DRS – The Process [Critical Music]
J Majik – Your Sound (SB81 Remix) [Metalheadz]

Bushby – Surely Bassy Podcast 026

Denham Audio – No Entry [Exploris]
Cassini – Threatless Ace [Tessier-Ashpool]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Radio [Mote Evolver]
Daniel Avery – Taste (Special Request Remix) [Phantasy Sound]
Akkord – Destruction (Special Request VIP) [Houndstooth]
Dehousy – Manda Le (Liar Optimix) [[Re]Sources]
Cloaka – Junta [Infinite Machine]
A. Ashdown – No Republic [Digital Distortions]
Beneath – Blonde [Keysound]
Benton – Badman VIP [Benton Beats]
Arma – Soundboy [Infinite Machine]
DJ Missdevana – Brass [Nervous Horizon]
A. Ashdown – Urfa’s Revenge [Digital Distortions]
DJ Shark – Cat Ears [Unknown To The Unknown]
Tap Throw – Trails (Franker R.I.P) [Modified Magic]
SixFootUnda – Ya Not Coming In [Future Jungle Music]
Tap Throw – Well of Souls [Modified Magic]
Adam F – Circles (Phillip D Kick footwork edit)
Symbiotic Sounds – Badman [Sequel One Records]
Dawn Day Night – Alcoholic Dance Flow [Astrophonica]
Dexta – Dance With Me [Diffrent]
Fracture – Werk It [Exit Records]
Hertz Couture – Stern Warning [Dred Collective]
PZG & Melt Unit – Hey What [Dred Collective]
PZG & Dubsknit – Down All Night [Cock Rock Disco]
Stayhigh – The Chord Track [Dred Collective]
Fixate – Throwback Therapy [Exit Records]
DRS – The View (Zed Bias Remix) [Soul:R]

BRAWLcast 201 :: John+Roland – 9th Planet Conspiracy


Moresounds – Etho [31 Recordings]
Sully – Crystal Cuts [Astrophonica]
Mako – The Narrator [Metalheadz]
Gremlinz & Ahmad – Nibiru [Paradox Music]
Fracture – Black Pearl [Exit]
Flaco – Got to Have (Heist Remix) [Co-Lab]
Mikal – Wilderness [Metalheadz]
Digital & Spirit – Spiral [Metalheadz]
Dilinja – The Angels Fell [Metalheadz]
Jubei ft. dBridge – These Things VIP [Metalheadz]
DRS ft. Lynx – Blackhearted [Soul:R]
Skeptical & Dub Phizix – Fallen Angel [Ingredients]
DBR UK ft. Ahmed – Arrakis [Dispatch]
Mikal ft. Chimpo – Brain Matter [Metalheadz]
High Contrast – Mermaid Scar (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Hospital]
Dleeb – Junglist Soul [Reserve Audio]
Fracture x Chimpo – Hard Food [Metalheadz]
John B – Up All Night [Metalheadz]

BRAWLcast #178 :: Bushby – Haptic Recon 5



Dan HabarNam – Sistem Nelimitat [Exit]
Ghost Warrior – Fracture [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Mikal – Where They At [Metalheadz]
DRS – Bun Ya [Soul:R]
Digital & Spirit – The Wolf [Metalheadz]
Thing – Me Get Nuff Gal [Dubthing]
Basement Jaxx – Buffalo (Dub Phizix Remix) [Atlantic Jaxx]
Homemade Weapons – Concubine VIP [Samurai]
DRS – Concrete Blocks [Soul:R]
Hyroglifics – No Drama [Critical Music]
Fracture – Play That Record [Astrophonica]
Danny Scrilla – Riddim [Cosmic Bridge]
Ryu – Breathing [Drumpanic]
Rufige Kru – Malice In Wonderland [Metalheadz]
Digital & Spirit – Captive [Metalheadz]
Amoss – This Is The Reason [Horizons Music]
Kasra & Enei ft. DRS – Overthinking [Critical Music]
Break & Mikal – Status Low [Metalheadz]
Heavy Stereo – Two More Than One [DSCI4]
Lomax – Bad Cop [Critical Music]
Fr4knc – Tellurian [Samurai]
Current Value – Whiplash [Critical Music]
Goldie – Chico, Death Of A Rock Star [Metalheadz]
Total Science – Tight Fit [Metalheadz]

#178 Bushby – Haptic Recon 5 by BRAWLcast on

BRAWLcast #166 :: Bushby – Haptic Recon 3


The third mix in my Haptic Recon series, the first and second mixes can be found here: HR1 HR2


Kolectiv x Dexta & Mauoq – Human Sacrifice [Dispatch Recordings]
Red Army – Antiqatiga [Ground Mass Music]
Alix Perez ft. Riko Dan – Warlord [Shogun Audio]
Thing – Economy [Dubthing]
DRS ft. Genotype – Do What [Soul:R]
Sam Binga x Fracture x Rider Shafique – She Want It Ruff [Astrophonica]
Hyroglifics – Terra [Dispatch Recordings]
Ruffhouse – Bypass [Ingredients]
Red Army – Brevity Code [Ground Mass Music]
Blocks & Escher – Slow Wave [Metalheadz]
Martyn – Get Down [Soul:R]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Transatlantic [Bunit]
Octane, DLR & Survival – Transition VIP [Dispatch]
Alix Perez ft. Phace & Misanthrop – Burn Out [Shogun Audio]
Hyroglifics – Cloud Cover [Critical Music]
Nativ – Artillery VIP [Drumpanic]
Foreign Concept ft. DRS – Falling Stars (Hyroglifics Remix) [Critical Music]
Ulterior Motive – Given Contact [Metalheadz]
Dub Phizix ft. Fox – Never Been [Critical Music]
Dabs & Safire – Back & Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]
Break – Where Are You [Subtitles]
Blocks & Escher ft. Loxy & Resound – Monsters [Narratives]
Hybris – Understand Now [Dispatch Recordings]
Survival – Detector [Dispatch Recordings]

#166 Bushby – Haptic Recon 3 by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #119 :: Bushby – Enter The Beat Codes


This mix gets pretty intense at points with all the ‘half step’ layers rolling together before switching up near the end for more of a rinse out.


Instra:mental – Fist Level 2B [Exit Records]
Instra:mental – No Future [Nonplus Records]
SB81 – Partial Nattie [SB81]
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical Remix) [Cylon Recordings]
Mefjus & Inside Info – Repentance [Critical Music]
Brain Crisis – Area Winds [Subtitles Music]
Kasra – DFM [Critical Music]
Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz ft. Collinjah – After Dark [Samurai Music]
Ruffhouse – The Foot [Ingredients Records]
Gremlinz, The Untouchables & Rumbleton – Apache [Samurai Music]
Alix Perez ft. They Call Me Raptor- Villains 1 x Heroes 0 [Shogun Audio]
Om Unit – Timelines [Metalheadz]
Enei – The Artefact [Critical Music]
Ruffhouse – Greyscale [Exit records]
Jubei ft. Flowdan – Say Nothin’ [Metalheadz]
Enei ft. DRS – The Moment [Critical Music]
Future Signal – Safe House [Dutty Audio]
Enei – Prometheus [Critical Music]
Rymetyme ft. Touch – Pipebomb [1210 Recordings]
Need For Mirrors – Columbia [Metalheadz]
Fracture – Gangbusters [Metalheadz]
Detail – Time Stretching [Commercial Suicide]
Fre4knc – Flink [Samurai Music]
Foreign Concept & DRS – Falling Stars [Critical Music]

#119 Bushby – Enter The Beat Codes by Brawlcast on Mixcloud