IDENTIFY 20/07/2017 – Bushby

ADJ – Space Monkey [Digital Distortions]
Mazzula – Boundless 1 [Mazzula]
Jostronomer – Rogue [Bass Agenda]
ADJ – Danger Management [Digital Distortions]
Scanone – 186,000 MPS
Randomer – Smokin [L.I.E.S.]
LA-4A – Snake Eyes [Delft]
Amper Clap – Evil [Urban Connections]
Mazzula – Tekkatazzula 1 [Mazzula]
Scanone – The Art of Fire
the wee djs – Ting [Varvet]
D-Omen – Clud Up [Infalux]
Mazzula – Too Late [Mazzula]
Amper Clap – Playing With Shadows [Urban Connections]
Sync 24 x Privacy – General Data Standard
D-Omen – Dybodaka [Infalux]
Jerome Hill – Mr. Worm [Don’t]
Jerome Hill – Donkey Bite [Don’t]
Neil Landstrumm – Vamps & Tramps [Don’t]
Scalameriya – Very, Very, Slightly Curved [THEM]
Ben Long – Control [Modulhertz]
Obese – Carousel [Bad Sekta]
Scartip – Quadruped [Tsunami Bass Weight]
Ivy Lab – Amber [Critical Music]
Doctor Jeep – Jawbreaker [Aufect Recordings]
Survival – Take It Back (ft. Codebreaker) [Dispatch Recordings]
Survival – Original Silencer 2017 [Dispatch Recordings]
SB81 – Blueprints (SB81’s Acid Remix) [Metalheadz]
Goldie – Triangle [Metalheadz]

BRAWLcast #154 :: ADJ – Distorted Dimension


Next week ADJ’s new EP on Digital Distortions is released. In the meantime while you wait for that to happen you can check out his latest mix which features one of the tracks, Sofia, from that release. You can also check out his previous BRAWLcast mix here.


Bogger – Per_haps [Digital Gadget]
Nonima & Stormfield – Point Clouds [Combat Recordings]
C Mantle – Fret net [Digital Distortions]
Wirewound v Datacrashrobot – HDW Interrupt [Crazy Language]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Clapper [Trust]
Rory St John – Unceremony [Acre Recordings]
Dicylium – Army Of A Million Nanodrones (the wee djs Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Hosmoz – Zarnaica
Somatic Responses – Vault 155 [Somatic Responses]
Apydiagirls – Oxide Cult [Section 27]
the wee djs – Comedy (Dicrylium’s Loonatek Mix) [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – Sofia [Digital Distortions]
D-Omen – Desta Darn [Infalux]
Weevol – Assbang [This Machine Is Broken]
Arovane – Il_Eth [Touchin’ Bass]

#154 ADJ – Distorted Dimension by Brawlcast on Mixcloud