IDENTIFY 13/04/2017 – Mallory

Svaag – Saade (Ctrls Remix) [Semantica]
Slim Vic -Force Majeure (Nihad Tule Remix) [Lamour]
Jamaica Suk – Infragrant Behavior [Face To Face]
Lado – Black [Green Fetish]
Drafted – Detach [Invite Choice]
Kessel – Primeval Land [EarToGround]
Giordano – Bank Of Fog [K1971]
Prince Of Denmark – Desire [Forum]
Jamaica Suk – Longevity [Face To Face]
Petter B – Drummer IV [Bond]
Kessel – Self Deception (Kessell Remix 2) [EarToGround]
Shifted – White Flare [Semantica]
Drafted – Sphere [Invite’s Choice]
Funk D’Void – Jack Me Off (Christian Wunsch Remix) [Soma]
Alavux – Level (Dez Williams remix) [Diffuse Reality]
Kessel – Self Deception [EarToGround]
Petter B – Eskaper [Bond]
Skee Mask – Palo Alto [Ilian Tape]
Giordano – I Was Running Around The Police Car [Funk You]
D_Func. – Trial Of The Black Witch Part 1 (Burn The Witch Edit) [NST144]
Lado – Gray [Green Fetish]
Slim Vic – Talong (Petter B Remix) [Lamour]
D_Func. – Trial Of The Black Witch Part 1 (Christian Wunsch Remix) [NST144]
Duo Alias – Lad Of Lesiure [Variance]
Miclodiet – Z [OBSCUR]
Alavux – Level (Dead Sound remix) [Diffuse Reality]
Duo Alias – Pressure Of The Drop [Variance]
Funk D’Void – Bad Coffee (Gary Beck Remix) [Soma]
UVB – Join In The Ranks [Mord]
Duo Alias – New Wave [Variance]
Swarm Intelligence – Grail [OBSCUR]
UVB – Head For Head [Mord]
MTD & Tracy – Under [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Duo Alias – Sewer Junk [Variance]
A. Ashdown – Urfa’s Revenge (Third Remix) [Digital Distortions]

IDENTIFY 24/03/2017 – Bushby


ADJ – New Life [Digital Distortions]
Silicon Scally – Crystalline [Carl Finlow]
Morphology – Jovian Moons [Central Processing Unit]
ADJ – New Toys [Digital Distortions]
Silicon Scally – Counter Point [Spacebarsentiments]
Silicon Scally – Sub Unit [Carl Finlow]
Alavux – Baikonur Cosmodrome [Electroclub]
Architect – I Lost my 808 on a Rainy Day [Hymen]
ADJ – Re-Alignment [Digital Distortions]
Ascension Électronique – 2012 A.D. (Rogue Frequency Remix) [Fundamental Bass Intelligence]
Fleck ESC – Mechanical Touch [Bass Agenda]
ADJ – Grubby Beats [Digital Distortions]
Alavux – Minimal Expression [Digital Distortions]
Anthony Rother – Destroy Him My Robots [Elektrolux]
214 – Vocal Calisthenics [Digital Distortions]
AE35 – Special Pattern [Anti Gravity Device]
Bike – Yona Tabby [Recycled Plastics]
DiCrYLiuM – Hippy Britches [Digital Distortions]
Cursor Miner – Track 04
DiCrYLiuM – Alien Brain Sex [Digital Distortions]
DiCrYLiuM – Shaggy [Digital Distortions]
Alavux – Good Time [Digital Distortions]
Mike Ash – Rejection [Borg Recordings]
Silicon Scally – Gigaquad [Datapunk]
Roguefrequency – Alpha Wave [Takeover]
Transparent Sound – Small Indignities [Electrix]
Kitbuilders – Wake Up [World Electric]

BRAWLcast #195 :: Horror Brawl – Transient Riot



Joyless – Godless Eternity [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Delusions – Motion (Hyo Remix) [Delusions]
Joyless – Let Us Prey [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Dr Cyanide – Manhattan [Basic Form]
Roman Lindau – King Disco [Matter]
Randomer – Sheen [Blueprint]
ADJ – From The Mine [Diffuse Reality]
Isz – All Or Nothing [Subsist]
Oscar Mulero – Common Frequencies [Mord]
Ritzi Lee – The Challenge [Mord]
Tensal – Effect 2 [PoleGroup]
Isz – Distorted Dreams [Subsist]
DIB – Otaku 003 (Alavux Remix) [Cieli Di Orione]
Hans Bouffmyhre – Cabin Pressure (Developer Remix Version 2) [Sleaze]
Mickey Nox – Television (Hector Oaks Remix) [Green Fetish]
Mickey Nox – The Mule [Green Fetish]
Blackmass Plastics – Doomatron [Ugly Funk]
Monster X – Mc Eater [Bedroom Research]
Patrick Bolton – Long Fuse [Autofake]
138 – Control Freak [Mindcut]
Martyn Hare – When The Fun Runs Out [Autofake]
Developer – Female Manipulations [Developer Archive]
Oscar Mulero – Misophonia [Mord]
Tracy – Maybe Was A Shadow [Sonntag Moregn]
Doktrin – Doorgang (Siege Remix) [Limetree Projects]
E La Luna – A Kind Of Music [Pareto Park]
Lag – Kontrola (Bas Mooy Remix) [Mord]
Ansome – Clodgy [Mord]
Clouds – Don’t Sweat The Technique [Turbo]
Storb – Shxs [Emetic]
The Subdermic – The Passion (Grindr Mix) [Bass Agenda]
Ingen – Magic Pocket [Pls.Uk]
Jake Conlon – Tormnt [Emetic]
Epi Centrum – Stage #15 [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Epi Centrum – Incomplete Sentence (Luis Flores Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Myles Serge – Syntax Error [Metamorphic]
Vertical Spectrum – Voltage Shell (Developer Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
The 65D Mavericks – Estrangement Of The Past (Surgeon Remix) [Surface]
Patrick Bolton – Unravel [Onnset]

Horror Brawl – Selection Sorted guest mix 07/02/2016 archive


The archive of Horror Brawl’s Selection Sorted guest mix from Sunday 07/02/2016 is now online…


Emika – Battles (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix) [Emika]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt VIP [Digital Distortions]
Surgeon – Klonk (Part 1) [Dynamic Tension]
Raiz – Vindicate [Droid]
Myler – Cold Without A Hood [Mindcut]
Cassegrain & Tin Man – Oxide [Ostgut Ton]
Alavux – Freakedout [Digital Distortions]
Roebin de Freitas – Chav Shavings [Digital Distortions]
Ansome – Dave The Rave [Perc Trax]
Lag – Applied Mechanics (Voidloss Return To Occult Mix) [Singularity]
Chris McCormack – Crazy Legs Crane [Materials]
Rebekah – Ousted
Bionoid – Keep The Structure [Energun]
Dronelock & Ontal – Deductive Reasoning [Shadow Story]
Housemeister & Dave Tarida – Don’t Touch That [AYCB]
D-R-U-N-K – Bully [Green Fetish]
Needledust – Wuh! [NovaMute]

DDD063 :: Various Artists – DD10

Digital Distortions is 10 years old and to celebrate I’ve put together this compilation of new and exclusive tracks.

Rather than me babbling on trying to describe what it sounds like I advise you listen to it.

Download it if you like, it’s free, or pay a little bit of your hard earned cash for it if you think it’s worth it.

If you are new to DD I compiled some of the best bits from the past 10 years into 6 Legacy Systems albums which can be found here:

Or the entire back catalogue is available at

BRAWLcast #147 :: Horror Brawl – Terror By False Memories


Oliver Kucera – HN-3B
Ctrls – Incoming Data [Token]
Mr Jones – Bar (Bas Mooy Remix 1) [The Public Stand]
Roland Casper – Burside
Endlec – Other Man [Mord]
Spherical Coordinates – SCBPA [Polegroup]
Ben Sims – Joyrider [Theory]
The Black Dog – Pray Crash II [Dust Science]
Mike Dehnert & Roman Lindau – Sophia -2 Octave [Fachwerk]
Mary Velo – In Hiding [Gynoid Audio]
Mick Finesse – I Unfold And Fold Up Again [Silent Steps]
Juxtpose – In The Railyards (Research Code Remix) [Armatura]
Rumah & Progression – SC3 [Blueprint]
Marquis Hawkes – Outta This Hood [Clone Jack For Daze]
Max Loderbauer, Claudio Puntin & Samuel Rohrer – Toxic Underground (Tobias Remix) [Arjunamusic]
Marquis Hawkes – Talkin’ Shit [Clone Jack For Daze]
Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Tea Party [Klang Elektronik]
Alavux – Onaj Momenat [Urban Kickz]
Circuit Bending – Gospel [Armatura]
Jeff Mills – The Bells (Festival Mix) [Purpose Maker]
Plukkk – Break Up (Kommune1 Remix) [Green Fetish]
Ingen & Boris Noiz – Spikes [Combat Recordings]
Paul Mac – Justify [Clutch Trax]
Endlec – Cycling Patterns [Mord]
Mike Dehnert – Blattwerk [Fachwerk]
Mark Broom – Three Forms [Non Series]
Kike Pravda – Main Control [Psychoskunk]
Sunil Sharpe – Healing Hatred [Black Sun]
Single Cell Orchestra – Hear Them Calling (Chemical Burn Mix) [Pretension]
Green Velvet – Flash [Relief]
JoeFarr – Deftoca (TWR72 Remix) [Origami Sound]
Planetary Assault Systems – Serc [Mote-Evolver]
Tobias – Ya Po [Ostgut Ton]
Sandwell District – Speed And SOund (Regis Z:arts Lab Version) [Sandwell District]

#147 Horror Brawl – Terror By False Memories by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #145 :: Bushby – Asymetrical Strategies For Space Dominance


Blackmass Plastics – Sentinel
Scanone – UFB [Combat Recordings]
C Mantle – Con-fusion (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Acre]
Snog – Real Estate Man (8-Bit Apocalypse Remix) [Hymen]
Architect – The Shadow Of Eve [Hymen]
Boris Divider – Let You Down [Drivecom]
RadioNasty – Devil Fishing [Electrix]
Heuristic Audio – Fear Of The Future [Satamile]
Mike Ash – Dialog System [Mars Frequency]
Freddy Fresh – Years Back [Eye Q]
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Fleck ESC Remix) [Electix]
ADJ – Accelerating Time [Digital Distortions]
A1 People – No One Likes A Smart Arse [Satamile]
Alavux – The One [Digital Distortions]
Scanone – Orca [Combat Recordings]
Scape One – Love Invents Us [Scape One]

#145 Bushby – Asymmetrical Strategies For Space Dominance by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #092 :: Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo


Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo


Plastikman – Ask Yourself (214 Refix)
Ion Driver – bbRobot (214 Remix) [Digital Distortions] <free download>
The Pod – Space Problems [Anti-Social Network] <free download>
Radionasty – Radio 3 [Electrix]
The Advent – Dark Fader Side [International Deejay Gigolo]
Steve Stoll – Model T (Aux 88 Remix) [Novamute]
Silicon Scally – External Controller [SCSI-AV]
ADJ – The Way Of The Crane [Digital Distortions] <free download>
ADJ – Bang The Beat [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Maelstrom – Bipolar [Boysnoize]
Miotek – My City (Mr Velctro Fastener Remix) [Seven Sisters]
The Hacker – Dans La Salle Des Machines [Datapunk]
Radioactive Man – ‘Ave That [Rotters Golf Club]
Kraftwerk – Numbers (San Francisco The Warfield 28.04.04) [EMI]
ADJ – Grubby Beats [Digital Distortions] <free download>
UR – Electronic Warfare (Aux 88 Remix) [Underground Resistance]
Koova – 808 Rhythm Machine [Mars Frequency]
Therarelowry – Mind Sherons [Takeover]
Sync 24 & DeFeKT – Pulse Effect [Cultivated Electronics]
Carl Finlow – Conduit [Electrix]
Blackmass Plastics – Portasound Kid
Cell Engine – Upgrade Your Soul [Shameless Toady]
Versalife – Ionization [Cultivated Electronics]
Radioactive Man – Flying Fxxk [Wang Trax]
Spookhouse – Desk Pop [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Justin Maxwell – Join [Anti-Social Network] <free download>
Alavux – Floating Point [Ban Kai]
Alavux – The One [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Subhead – Radio Vision [Tresor]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions – forthcoming]
Metalogic – All Comes To One [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
RoGeR – Wreck [Russian Techno]
The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 1 [Freestyle Dust]
Mentally Unfocused – The Virus

#092 Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #091 :: Bushby – Hard Wired Urges


Originally broadcast on 23 June 2013 @ 2200 – 0000 UTC


Pangaea – Because Of You [Hessle Audio]
Sclist – Idle [Frijsfo Beats]
Shelley Parker – Nintendo Love (Scanone Remix) [Structure]
Mr Hyde – Panophobe
Headhunter – Physics Impulse [Tempa]
Goldspot Productions – Sholay (Epic Mix) [Tempa]
Kode9 – Ping [Rephlex]
Matt-U – Wipe Em Out [Black Box]
Hugo Bionics – Compromise [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Si Begg – UFO Theme (Threnody Remix) [Noodles]
Matt-U – Mind Game [Subway]
Rufige Kru – Babylon 2012 [Metalheadz]
Vex’d – Gunman [Planet Mu]
Darqwan – Stargate 92 (Remix) [Destructive]
Cosmin TRG – Siberian Poker [Tempa]
Kingthing – Bump [Fortified Audio]
Slap In The Bass – Tapa [Ministry Of Sound]
KuBo ft. Anbuley – Tsu Bo [Man Recordings]
Appleblim & Ramadanman – Justify [Apple Pips]
Party Crashers – Come And Get It [Acacia Records]
Luke’s Anger – Weevil Track [Off Me Nut]
Tim Wright – Control [Novamute]
Patscan – Swoosh (Spandex Remix) [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Ion Driver – bbRobot (Teutonic Kaboom Remix) [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Senor Frio – Sub Noctum (Ion Driver Remix) [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Scanone – Atlas [Combat]
Illektrolab – Interdimensional [Duality]
the wee djs – Refresh [This Machine Is Broken]
PhOtOmachine – Throb [2020 Midnight Visions]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt [Digital Distortions] <free download>
ADJ – New Toys [Digital Distortions]
Alavux – Good Time [Digital Distortions] <free download>
The Bass Addict – 4 My People [Bass Records]

#091 Bushby – Hard Wired Urges by Brawlcast on Mixcloud