BRAWLcast 219 :: Bushby – Bending The Mechanics

Versalife – Night Time In The Computer Labs [Clone West Coast]
214 – Greenbelt [CPU]
Bobby Athom – Mememe [Digital Distortions]
Jacen Solo – UR Mind [Digital Distortions]
the wee djs – Comedy [Digital Distortions]
Silicon Scally – On Chip Diagnostics [Carl Finlow]
Hatch – Finlow
Boris Divider – Clone Factory [Drivecom]
Amper Clap – Playing With Shadows [Urban Connections]
Adam Jay – Dynaform [Detroit Underground]
ADJ – Sofia [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – Bus Da Beatz [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – Cellular Transmissons [Digital Distortions]
Amper Clap – Ignition [Urban Connections]
Avidya – Looking Into Layers [Electroclub Records]
Privacy – NCSC [Klasse Klakson]
Sync 24 x Privacy – Hard To Tell [Cultiavted Electronics]
Go Nuclear – Techno World [Bass Agenda]
Jensen Interceptor – The Fontainebleau [Bromance]
Jackal & Hyde – Beyond [Hallucination]
Code Rising – Lost Control [Code Rising]
ATIX – Shaky [Bass Agenda]
Badaszewski – Future Dictator (Cursor Miner Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Mad-Tek – Fix VIP [Digital Distortions]
Jackal & Hyde – Seek & Destroy (The House Wrecka Remix) [Hallucination]
Neil Landstrumm – Something Unspoken [Don’t]
Bebop & Rocksteady – Idle Youth [Off Me Nut]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Si Begg – Losing It (Gella Remix) [Noodles]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Patscan – Factory Flawed [Digital Distortions]
Unique 3 – Take This Love (Si Begg ReHASHde) [Mutate Records]

IDENTIFY 24/03/2017 – Bushby


ADJ – New Life [Digital Distortions]
Silicon Scally – Crystalline [Carl Finlow]
Morphology – Jovian Moons [Central Processing Unit]
ADJ – New Toys [Digital Distortions]
Silicon Scally – Counter Point [Spacebarsentiments]
Silicon Scally – Sub Unit [Carl Finlow]
Alavux – Baikonur Cosmodrome [Electroclub]
Architect – I Lost my 808 on a Rainy Day [Hymen]
ADJ – Re-Alignment [Digital Distortions]
Ascension Électronique – 2012 A.D. (Rogue Frequency Remix) [Fundamental Bass Intelligence]
Fleck ESC – Mechanical Touch [Bass Agenda]
ADJ – Grubby Beats [Digital Distortions]
Alavux – Minimal Expression [Digital Distortions]
Anthony Rother – Destroy Him My Robots [Elektrolux]
214 – Vocal Calisthenics [Digital Distortions]
AE35 – Special Pattern [Anti Gravity Device]
Bike – Yona Tabby [Recycled Plastics]
DiCrYLiuM – Hippy Britches [Digital Distortions]
Cursor Miner – Track 04
DiCrYLiuM – Alien Brain Sex [Digital Distortions]
DiCrYLiuM – Shaggy [Digital Distortions]
Alavux – Good Time [Digital Distortions]
Mike Ash – Rejection [Borg Recordings]
Silicon Scally – Gigaquad [Datapunk]
Roguefrequency – Alpha Wave [Takeover]
Transparent Sound – Small Indignities [Electrix]
Kitbuilders – Wake Up [World Electric]

BRAWLcast 202 :: Horror Brawl – Consumer-urge Subsonics


214 – Fuel Cells [Central Processing Unit]
Dr Floyd – Iron Mother Rhythm [Datarocket Unlimited]
Jacen Solo – Zatoichi [Digital Distortions]
Like A Tim – Milkshake [Djax-Up-Beats]
The Persuader – Central Bron (Birdy Remix) [Svek]
Thatboytim – Nightwatch
Application – Theme From [Dust Science]
Blixaboy – Comet [Central Processing Unit]
Application – Flange 7 (Beneath Remix) [Dust Science]
RXMode – Lost [Bass Agenda]
Plant43 – Destroying Angel [AC Records]
Sync 24 & Morphology – Abstract Index [Cultivated Electronics]
London Modular Alliance – The Discontent [Brokn Toys]
Silicon Scally – Vector Dominance [Bass Agenda]
Rogue Frequency – Element 94 [New Flesh]
Anthony Rother – La Bete [Psi49net]
Casper Hastings – Texturised [TXTRL]
Exzakt – Second Wave (Imatron Voima Remix) [SatRx]
Kris Wadsworth – Diesel [Ultramajic]
Collapsicon – Six [Anti-Social Network]
Go Nuclear – Techno World (Detroits Filthiest Remix) [Bass Agenda]
Illektrolab – Dreaming Electric [Shipwrec]
W1b0 – Main Squeeze [Bass Agenda]
ADJ – Bus Da Beatz [Digital Distortions]
Emika – Battles (The Black Dog Remix) [Emika Records]
Sync 24 – Night Scenes (Carl Finlow remix) [Electrix]
Boris Divider – New Race [Satamile]
Synapse – Fear Of Force [Digital Distortions]
Posthuman – The Benz (Radioactive Man Remix) [Balkan Vinyl]
Jade One – Digital Distortionz [Digital Distortions]
The Advent – Kombination True [Kombination Research]
Umek – Hektikos [Tehnika]
Rogue Frequency – Fall Out [New Flesh]
Bolz Bolz – The Ultimate Remix [Satamile]
Fleck E.S.C. – Select Mode [Urban Connections]
The Future Sound Of London – Considered [fsoldigital]
Grandmaster Flash – Scorpio (Plaid Remix) [Castle Music]

IDENTIFY 15/09/2016 – Bushby



ADJ – Play a bit1 [Diffuse Reality]
214 – Keep Right [CPU Records]
Scape One – The 5th Column [Scape One Bandcamp]
Casper Hastings – Texturised [TXTRL]
Mazzula – Bang [Mazzula Bandcamp]
RXmode – Lost [Bass Agenda]
Roebin de Freitas – Hatched Qtd 2 (Orphx Remix) [Ante-Rasa]
Gotshell – Physics (Scalameriya Remix) [Nachstromm Schallplatten]
Ansome – Back Alley Sally (Randomer Remix) [Perc Trax]
Patrick Becker – Always Far [Denial Audio]
Jack Master – Bang The Box (Slam Remix) [Soma]
Jerome Hill – Drumwar [Swords]
ISZ – Lightnings [Subsist]
Folklore – Wounding Knife [Folk Tales]
Another Alias – Pogo [Varient Electronic]
Jay Clarke – Entity [Blackaxon]
Thomas K. – A.I. 8000 (2001 A Space Odyssey Version) [Varient Electronic]
Jerome Hill – Rump [Riot Radio]
Jerome Hill – Plastic Jam [Swords]
Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Om Unit Remix) [Metalheadz]
Enei – Iron Curtain (Fre4knc Remix) [Critical]
M-zine & Skeptics – Obviate [Dispatch Recordings]
Total Science, Quadrant & Iris – False Alarm [CIA]
Biostacis – Timer (Vinyl VIP) [Tech Itch Recordings]
Break – Unification [CIA]
Biostacis – Kraddog (Vinyl VIP) [Tech Itch Recordings]
Jubei & Goldie – The Prayer (Blocks & Escher Remix) [Metalheadz]

IDENTIFY 12/09/2016 – Mallory



Camin Mraz’ – Sympton [Get Busy]
Scanone – Menace 44 [Yellow Machines]
214 – Fuel Cells [Central Processing Unit]
Federico Leocata – Ich Zeit [Central Processing Unit]
214 – Greenbelt [Central Processing Unit]
Federico Leocata – Den Eviga Aterkomsten [Central Processing Unit]
Mike Ash – Not Right [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Jack Out [Cultivated Electronics]
RXMODE – Lost [Bass Agenda Recordings]
Silicon Scally – Machine Bias []
Illektrolab – Dreaming Electric [Shipwrec]
Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Sine Vibes [Cultivated Electronics]
Illektrolab – Subfreaked [Shipwrec]
Scanone – Darklight [Yellow Machines]

BRAWLcast #184 :: Mallory – Robota.Live 21/04/2016


The good folks over at Robota.Live invited Mallory to play on their live broadcast, this is a recording of the set. Robota broadcasts every 3rd Thursday of each month over at


Orson Well – Midinight Mystique [Sound Mirror]
Anthony Parasole – Heartbeat [Ostgut Ton]
214 – Snow Lake [Shipwrec]
A Made Up Sound – I Repeat [Delsin]
Kowton – Loops 1 [Livity Sound]
S – The Launderette [Ostgut Ton]
Substance – Keine Angst [Ostgut Ton]
Tobias – Like A Drug [Ostgut Ton]
Darkmode – Sea Of Sorrows [Bass Agenda]
Avatism.Clockwork – A Dat Of Riddance [Parachute]
Kessell – Metatron [Granulart Recordings]
Wrong Assessment – Answers [Clergy]
A Made Up Sound – All Out [Delsin]
Kowton – Bubbling Under [Livity Sound]
CTRLS – Waves [Token]
Cleric – Restore [Clergy]
NX1 – 08 023 [NX1]
Killawatt – Excessive Hyperbole [Osiris Music]
Developer – No Introduction [Polegroup]
NX1 – OE04 [NX1]
Kessell – Prana [Polegroup]
Nonima – Monolith [Combat Recordings]
NX1 – 08 024 [NX1]
Kwartz – Simulacrum [Polegroup]
Rommek – Moth Hole [Blueprint]
Milanese – Return to Iacon City [Combat Recordings]
Perc – Body Con [Polegroup]
Ayarcana – She Killed On Extasy (Ingen Remix) []
Ansome – Snake Eyes [Perc]
Jamie Curnock – Fat Duck [Onnset]
Go Hiyama – Philosopher (NX1 Remix) [Hue Helix]
Progression – Omnipotent 3 [Blueprint LTD]
Damcase – Venerate Circles [MORD]
Developer – Stories Of Gain [Modularz]
Cleric – Distant Cry [Clergy]
Kowton – Sleep Chamber [Livity Sound]
Blawan – Rubber Industry [Ternesc]
Developer – The Charmer [Modularz]
Annodyne – Reflections Of A Broken Soul [AF003]

BRAWLcast #173 :: Horror Brawl – Magnetic Pulse Radio Waiver



214 – Antarctica [Fortified Audio]
Carl Finlow – ISO [Carl Finlow]
Sync24 – This Life [Electrix]
C Mantle – Con-fusion (Adapta Remix) [Acre Recordings]
214 – Front Lobe Pusher [Yellow Machines]
C Mantle – Con-fusion (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Acre Recordings]
Mike Ash – Black Worms [Borg Recordings]
Freddie Fresh – Electroflair [Holzplatten]
Code Rising – Uplink [Duality]
Wreck – Lowtus [Napzzz]
Fleck E.S.C. – Life Force [Anti Gravity Device]
Radioactive Man – Space Ranger [Reinhardt]
Korrupted Brothers – Drugs Scientics [Anti-Social Network]
Velocs – Beam Transform [Anti-Social Network]
Galaxian – Decoy [Anti-Social Network]
Scanone – Lexicon [Anti-Social Network]
Delinquent Dialect – Anuqi [Anti-Social Network]
Boris Divider – Remote Operator [Drivecom]
Scanone – Trek Trak [Digital Distortions]
Six By Seven – Eat Junk Become Junk (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) [Mantra]
Fleck E.S.C. – Voodoo Modem [Anti Gravity Device]
Lowfish – Krak [Satamile]
Mazzula – Major Fail [Mazzula]
Radioactive Man – Incoming [Wang Trax]
Bass Kittens – MFS_Root (Volum Remix) [Krack-tronik]
Subjex – Funkynightmare [Planet Mu]
weevol – Aqqa Stores
The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy – The Reaping [Anti-Social Network]
b0t23 – AcidBBQ [Anti-Social Network]
EVAC – Ground Attack [Muti Music]
The Dexorcist – Dark Tmes (Attack Position Mix) [Control Tower]
Biochip C – Go Bang! (Jackal & Hyde’s Hydraulic-Bass Overhaul) [Force Inc.]
Tipper – Open The Jowels [Tippermusic]
Volsoc – Calzoni [World Electric]
Ed Chamberlain – Dave (Vent Remix) [Baselogic],curso
Cursor Miner – Error Correcton [Digital Distortions]
Scape One – Motion Interfaced [Scape One]

#173 Horror Brawl – Magnetic Pulse Radio Waiver by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

DDLS0003 :: Legacy Systems 0003

A collection of tracks from the third 10 or so releases on Digital Distortions. It was a hard choice but these are my favourite tracks from the various releases. All of these tracks were released in 2006 – 2008. Check the previous Legacy Systems 0001 & 0002

BRAWLcast #105 :: Horror Brawl – Brawlectro


Originally broadcast 05 January 2014 on


Senor Frio – The New Pork [Digital Distortions]
214 – Abandoned [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – BBRobot [Digital Distortions]
Bitstream – Muspel [Touchin’ Bass]
Pal Secam Kidz – Flatblock209 [Spacebarsentiments]
SmashBack – Butternut Squash [WIDE]
Cynthia Stern – Follow (the wee djs Remix) [Input-Output Inc.]
ADJ – Bang The Beat [Digital Distortions]
Pretension AllStars – Complex Chemistry (Carl A. Finlow Remix) [Pretension]
Mazzula – Bass Bias [Data-Trace]
Scanone – Trek Trak [Digital Distortions]
ADJ – The Force [Pyramid Transmissions]
Clone Theory – Others [Electrolab]
Mr C – Terricola [End]
Silicon Scally – Proteus (the wee djs Remix) [SCSI-AV]
Edward J. Devane – Money For Beer [Spacebarsentiments]
Mad-Tek – Dread (Dexorcist Remix)
Mad-Tek – Terra [Digital Distortions]
Rabbit In The Moon – FLooRi.D.A. (Dynamix II’s Non Stop Electro-Bass) [Hallucination]
Larry McCormick – Escape [Datapunk]
Molez – Understanding Mechanisms [Acre]
Otto Von Schirach – Trick Snitch [Touchin’ Bass]
A1 People – Detroit Style [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Industrial Bass Machine – Enter The Matrix [Joey Boy]
Limbertimbre – Funny [Spacebarsentiments]
Badaszewski – Future Dictator (Cursor Miner Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Vent – Warez v3.5.1 [Colony Productions]
Sleepless Crew – Zeros (the wee djs Unreleased Mix)
Synapse – Mech Annoyed [Baselogic]
Patscan – Sticky Buttons [Digital Distortions]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Blackmass Plastics Remix) [Digital Distortions]
Mad-Tek – Meteor Shower [Digital Distortions]
Antipop Consortium – Ghostlawns (Mike Ladd Remix) [Warp]
Cutlass Supreme – Killer [WIDE]
Point B – Rain Chemistry [Combat Recordings]
Stretch Daddy – Baddest Mutha [RR’N’B]
MD – MD (Brothomstates Remix) [Merck]

#105 Horror Brawl – Brawlectro by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #092 :: Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo


Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo


Plastikman – Ask Yourself (214 Refix)
Ion Driver – bbRobot (214 Remix) [Digital Distortions] <free download>
The Pod – Space Problems [Anti-Social Network] <free download>
Radionasty – Radio 3 [Electrix]
The Advent – Dark Fader Side [International Deejay Gigolo]
Steve Stoll – Model T (Aux 88 Remix) [Novamute]
Silicon Scally – External Controller [SCSI-AV]
ADJ – The Way Of The Crane [Digital Distortions] <free download>
ADJ – Bang The Beat [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Maelstrom – Bipolar [Boysnoize]
Miotek – My City (Mr Velctro Fastener Remix) [Seven Sisters]
The Hacker – Dans La Salle Des Machines [Datapunk]
Radioactive Man – ‘Ave That [Rotters Golf Club]
Kraftwerk – Numbers (San Francisco The Warfield 28.04.04) [EMI]
ADJ – Grubby Beats [Digital Distortions] <free download>
UR – Electronic Warfare (Aux 88 Remix) [Underground Resistance]
Koova – 808 Rhythm Machine [Mars Frequency]
Therarelowry – Mind Sherons [Takeover]
Sync 24 & DeFeKT – Pulse Effect [Cultivated Electronics]
Carl Finlow – Conduit [Electrix]
Blackmass Plastics – Portasound Kid
Cell Engine – Upgrade Your Soul [Shameless Toady]
Versalife – Ionization [Cultivated Electronics]
Radioactive Man – Flying Fxxk [Wang Trax]
Spookhouse – Desk Pop [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Justin Maxwell – Join [Anti-Social Network] <free download>
Alavux – Floating Point [Ban Kai]
Alavux – The One [Digital Distortions] <free download>
Subhead – Radio Vision [Tresor]
Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions – forthcoming]
Metalogic – All Comes To One [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
RoGeR – Wreck [Russian Techno]
The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 1 [Freestyle Dust]
Mentally Unfocused – The Virus

#092 Bushby – Machine Dreams Hold A Special Vertigo by Brawlcast on Mixcloud