BRAWLcast #007 :: Horror Brawl – …and that was the Seedpod Bomb

Horror Brawl – …and that was the Seedpod Bomb


Claude Young – In A Cafe / Snake Dance [MB Selektions]
Mike Dehnert – Regelschrift [Clone Basement Series]
Shed – The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
Mike Dehnert – WH2 [Fachwerk]
Doktrin – Lilium (Black Smith Craft Remix) [Limetree]
Mike Absolom – Fuel (Jay Riordan’s Funky Bitch Mix) [Dublin Xpress]
Maztika – Karma [Furanum]
CYP – Do You Hear Them [Labrynth]
Thatboytim – Down In The Hole (Sunil Sharpe Remix) [Takeover]
Black Smith Craft – Baby Frightner [unreleased]
Doktrin – Doorgang [Limetree]
Hertz – Quietus (Mankind 12) [Sway]
Maztika – Innocent Until Caught [Furanum]
Makaton – All The False Idols (Loktibrada Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Rory St John – Krayon [unreleased]
Skirt – I Tried To Tell You [unreleased]
Rory St John – Sadbat [unreleased]
Tony Rohr & Dietrich Schoenemann – Stovepipe (Perc & Metalogic Remix) [Perc Trax]
Inigo Kennedy – Wayang Golek [Asymetric]

BRAWLcast #006 :: Horror Brawl – Live @ Detatched Valentines Party 2010-02-13

Horror Brawl – Live @ Detatched Valentines Party 2010-02-13


Bitstream – Muspel [Touchin’ Bass]
Paul Blackford – Down By Law [Digital Distortions]
Kachinski – Improper Hinge [Mantrap]
Charlton – Rotterrdamn [unreleased]
KU BO – Kaggua (Battida Remix) [Man Recordings]
Uninerves – Black Ops [Mantrap]
Molez – Routine [Acroplane]
Untold – Bad Girls [Fabric]
Subjex – Funkynightmare [Planet Mu]
Scanone – Kik It [Combat]
Ramadanman – Revenue (Untold Remix) [2nd Drop]
KU BO – Favela Funk
Sarantis – Vendetta [Special Branch]
Shed – Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn’s 131 Remake) [Ostgut Ton]
Mr Shade – Dope Fiend [unreleased]
Modeselektor – Vote or Die [Bpitch]
Milanese – Sadako [Seed]
Anstam – Aeto B [Anstam]
Blackmass Plastics – Tek Tek [Rag & Bone]
DJ Maxximus – Mercedes Bentley Vs. Versace Armani [Warp]
T-Polar – Drone Step [Digital Distortions]
Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky (Crissy Criss Remix) [Giant Pussy]

BRAWLcast #005 :: DJ Kitchen – Out of Sink


Housey Doingz – Fonki [Wiggle]
Bushwacka! – Shock Horror [End Recordings]
Eddie Richards – Someday [SOCO Audio]
Get Fucked – Slap [Plastic City]
Christian Cambas – Coded Love (Nathan Coles Remix) [Intrinsic]
Haris – Right Information [Laus]
Tom Baker & Timmy S – The Quiz Mistress [Evasive]
Grant Dell – We Go Deep [Visitor]
Housey Doingz – Chess With Dwarves [Abnormal]
Joystick – Listen Do You Hear It [Yoshitoshi]
Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Brix Mix) [Multiply]
Robert Armani – Frequency [ACV]
Green Velvet – Answering Machine [Music Man]
John Thomas – Basic Voice (The Very Brazilian Show Remix) [Mirage]
Steve Rachmad – Chios [Music Man]
Richard Brown – Fibonacci (Edit From Fuse Live Set) [Music Man]
Green Velvet – Land of The Lost (Pooley’s Infected Mix) [Music Man]

BRAWLcast #004 :: Fromm – Breaking The Fourth Wall


Green Velvet – Coďtus Remix (A) Coďtus (Remix); mm057, 1999
The Parallel – Spectral (03) Optimised; ei001, 2009
Rue East – Indoor Culture (D2) All Good; pp038lp, 2001
Surgeon – Evangeline (G2) Right Road To Dubland; ziq209, 2008
Phantom Regiment – Breaking Earths Atmosphere (A) Breaking Earths Atmosphere (Counterpart Remix); dref003, 2009
Ed Rush & Nico – Defect (B) Perc Remix; tpt032, 2009
Adam Beyer – Protechtion (C1) Collision; dclp01, 1999
Fumiya Tanaka – Midnight (A1) One Sparkle; trmjpn020, 1997
Shufflemaster – EXP (B2) Imageforum; tresor167, 2001
Funk D’Void – Bad Coffee (A) Regular Mix; soma052, 1997
Carlos Rios & Oliver Kucera – The Bigger Picture (B1) Sabotage; arms016, 2009
Green Velvet – Coďtus Remix (B1) Abduction (Surgeon Remix 2); mm057, 1999
Planetary Assault Systems – Remixes (A) X Speaks To X (Al Tourettes & Appleblim Remix); o-ton31, 2009
Peter Gual – Totes Ses Espines (03) Calaix De Moments (Kuniaki Takenaga Remix); disidr006, 2010
Go Hiyama – Art & Strategy (A) World Game; wu012, 2004
Silicon Scally – Bioroid (A1) Thrusters; sat038, 2007
Neither – 249 Km (A1) 249 Km (Original); ex003, 2009
Jeroen Search – Segments (B2) Hybrid; mrltd01, 2009
Ignacio – Organa/Organon (B) Organon; mm038, 1997
Michaelangelo – Omega Point (B) Logos Consciousness; labrynth12, 2009
Damon Wild – Avion (B1) Red Dog; swrr001, 1996
Datamine – Stage 1 – Exploration (01) Foundations; mak18, 2009
Adam Beyer – Techcommunity 4 Kosovo (D1) Konflict; 4klp001, 1999
Ř [Phase] – The Passenger (B3) Rideout; inc004, 2004
James Ruskin – Circuit (C1) Caught In The Middle; bp023, 2003
Moderat – Moderat (A6) Nasty Silence; bpc200lp, 2009
Black Magick Society – Rituals Of Initiation (B1) Nekalah; bms1301, 2009
James Ruskin – Circuit (C2) Solex; bp023, 2003
Hardfloor – Strikeout (A2) Surgeon Remix; hh096, 1996
Ian Void – The Rascal Remix/Retension (A) The Rascal (Chris McCormack Remix); gyo-6, 2000
Adam Beyer – Protechtion (D1) Discipline; dclp01, 1999
Surgeon – Floorshow Part I (B2); cbx013, 2006
Mark Broom & James Ruskin – No Time Soon (A) No Time Soon; bp026, 2010
Claude Young – The Altamirian (A2) How Is Your DNA?; mbselek01, 2004
Exium – Labyrinth (A) Labyrinth; dref004, 2009
Sub Space – Omega Point (AA) The Bi-Machine; labrynth12, 2009
Makaton – Animal Worship Remixes (B2) Goatbone (Female/Regis Remix); mak13, 2004
Damon Wild – Avion (A) Avion; swrr001, 1996
James Ruskin – Solex Mixes (A2) Link Mix; bp024, 2004
Vince Watson – Bio Re-Shapes Volume One (B2) Abstractions (65D Mavericks Remix); bio010, 2003
Ř [Phase] – End To The Known (B1) Just Another Dance; sftrb002, 2009

BRAWLcast #003 :: Horror Brawl – Mind Mapping The Brainstorm


Kansas City Prophets – Prince of Lyon [Wide]
Molez – Understanding Mechanisms [Acroplane]
Molez – Routine [Acroplane]
Milanese – Mr Bad News [Planet Mu]
Charlton – Gun Shots [unreleased]
Molez – Mimicry [Digital Distortions]
Mad-Tek – Dread [Digital Distortions]
Go Hiyama – Untitled #1
Arrestar – Prayer (Black Smith Craft Remix) [Ante-Rasa]
Smear – Boystown [MNX]
Vex’d – Angels [Planet Mu]
Dare & Haste – Technocracy [Advanced]
Peter Van Hoesen – Strip It Boost It (Entropic Dub) [Time To Express]
Peter Gual – Calaix De Moments [Dispired Industrials]
Go Hiyama – TMM.01 [Blank]
Photek – Smoke Rings [Science]
Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres [Soma]
Thatboytim – Down In The Hole (Terrorboy Remix) [Takeover]
Go Hiyama – 4B Pencil [Blank]
Dare & Haste – Crisis Point [Advanced]
Marc Trakker – Orbit [Orbis]
Shinya Chiba – Swim (Terra Remix) [AN]
Jay Wong – Taste [Foot Fetish]
Clone Theory – Others [Electrolab]
Fiend & Friend – Marathon [unreleased]
Christian Wünsch – Toxic Affairs [Audio Assault]
Go Hiyama – MMM.86 [Blank]

BRAWLcast #002 :: Black Smith Craft – Now You Must Find A Good Excuse


Alessa Gillespie – Endless
James Ruskin – Solex (Link Mix) [Blueprint]
Realmz – Haarp
Kanobi – Hopadelli [Alkalinear Recordings]
S-Tek – Industrial Day Shift [Foot Fetish]
Reeko – A Bad Day [Emergence]
Kazu Kimura – Glitch [GT Muzike]
Reeko – Untitled [Emergence]
Datamine – Sequence alignment [Rodz-Konez]
Mad Tek and Dan Fix – Micro riddim [Digital Distortions]
Rue East – All Good [Pure Plastic]
Realmz – Gnosis
Coefficient – Symmetry [Labrynth]
Coefficient – The Omega value [Labrynth]
Paul Mac – Scratched soul [Stimulus]
Delta funktionen – Silhouette (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Delsin]
Datamine – Formations [Rodz-Konez]
Ed Devane – Frozen Backpackers [Mantrap]
Dave Thornton – Sub static
Jimmy T Kindt – Alien Attack [Foot Fetish]
Go Hiyama – Two Conclusive Opinion [Blank]
Surgeon – Waiting For Me [Counterbalance]
Jimmy Penguin – Goats Chair [Alkalinear Recordings]
Go Hiyama – Sense of Starvation [Blank]
James Ruskin – Fader [Blueprint]
Peter Gual – Calaix De Moments [Dispired Industrials]
V1nz – Cell block [Foot Fetish]
Syndrom – Le Chaudron Et La Sorcière [Alkalinear Recordings]
The Person – Ebx11 (Paper Piano Acid Electro Mix) [Alkalinear Recordings]
Scuba – Speak [[NAKEDLunch]]
Peter Gual – Totes Ses Espines [Dispired Industrials]
Go Hiyama – One Flow [Blank]
Uninerves – Black Ops [Mantrap]
Realmz – Lunar Tide
Jeff Mills – From Beyond The Stars [Third Ear]
Chris Coffey – Mist On Mt. Tam [Alkalinear Recordings]

For more information on Black Smith Craft ::
For worldwide exclusive bookings contact Paul at

BRAWLcast #001 :: Bushby – I’m Not A Gardener, I Just Like Hoes


DJ Phiene – Back In Forth (Drop Dub) [Databass Online]
DJ Nasty – Up N’ Down [Motor City Electro Company]
DJ Phiene – Da Shake Down [Databass Online]
DJ Godfather – Hit It Quick [Databass]
Typhonic – Gotta Work [Databass Online]
DJ Deeon – Shake What Your Mamma Gave Ya [Databass]
DJ Slugo – Freaky Ride [Dance Mania]
DJ Slugo – If Ya [Wide]
DJ Slugo – No Ground Wire [Dance Mania]
DJ Clent – Bounce To The Beat [Juke Trax]
DJ Deeon – Headhunters (Shake That Butt Mix) [Databass]
Typhonic – Drop It Down Like [Databass Online]
Sonic 86 & Syntronics – Milk [Intellegenix]
DJ Slugo – Big Booty Hoes [Wide]
DJ Deeon – Milkshake [Dance Mania]
DJ Phiene – Work It Slow [Databass Online]
DJ Deeon – Headhunters (Street Original) [Dance Mania]
DJ Godfather – Booty Perculate [Databass]
Mister Reis – One [Databass Online]
DJ Clent – Juke That Booty [Juke Trax]
DJ Puff – 131 [Dance Mania]
Big Daddy Rick & DJ Godfather – Round & Round [Databass]
DJ Slugo – I Ain’t Yo Baby Daddy [Wide]
DJ Phiene – High Definition [Databass Online]
Jonny MegaByte – Do You Wanna Ride [Databass Online]


BRAWLcast is the Digital Distortions podcast.  Featuring mixes from label boss Bushby along with special guests, many of whom are artists releasing on the label.

Episodes are released every couple of weeks and can be found on RSS, iTunes, Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

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