A couple of new mixes for other podcasts

I’ve had a couple of non BRAWLcast mixes up on other podcasts this week. First up my Jump Up Selection Part 2 for the Surely Bassy podcast (Jump Up Selection Part 1 can be found here)

Aphrodite & Mickey Finn – Drop Top Caddy [Urban Takeover]
Aphrodite – Wikki Wikki Plate [Aphrodite Recordings]
Jungle Brothers – Jungle Brother (Urban Takover Remix) [Gee Street]
Freestylers – B-Boy Stance (Mulder Remix) [Freskanova]
Amazon II – King Of The Beats (State Mix) [Solid State]
Jungle Brothers – Brain (Natural Born Chillers Remix) [Gee Street]
Vinyl Syndicate – Man Of Steal [Urban Takeover]
N.W.A. – Gangsta Gangsta (Aphodite Club Mix) [Priority Records]
Swoosh – Ya Rockin’ [Back 2 Basics]
N.W.A. – Dopeman (Prisoners Of Technology Remix) [Priority Records]
DJ Zinc – Reach Out (Remix) [True Playaz]
Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank (Mulder Remix) [Skint]
Natural Born Chillers – Rock The Funk Beat (Urban Takeover Remix) [EastWest]
DJ Quantum – High Life [Lacerba]
Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Roni Size ‘Flyz’ Remix) [Multiply Recordings]
DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter [True Playaz]

SBPodcast015 – Bushby – Jump Up Selection Part 2 by Surely Bassy Podcast on Mixcloud

Next up is MxK – A Fatal Crabbing which is myself and Neil mixing it up in house style for my other podcast: Kitchen Spasm. So this is basically a Horror Brawl house mix.

Carlo Gambino – The Pulse [Evasive]
Daniel Dubb – Lazy Dayz [8-Bit]
Dave Ellesmere – Always Love [Supplement Facts]
Enrico Mantini – U Deep Me [4 Lux Black]
Frits Wentink – Shrewd [Heist]
Flori – Unsettling [Secret Sundaze]
Hot Natured – Take You There (Citizen Remix) [FFRR]
Black Jazz Consortium ft Lady Blaktronica – Your Love [Soul People Music]
Ed Davenport – Basium [NRK]
Peace Division ft. Dan Diamond – Club Therapy (John Ciafone Dub Mix) [NRK]
GoldFFinch – The Volume [Saigon]
Daniel Kyo – I Can (Milton Jackson Remix) [Dark Energy]
Frederic Hecker – Honey Moon [Off]
Bhodi – The Oakland Chinwag [W&O Street Tracks]
Ejeca – Bamp [W&O Street Tracks]
Waff – Jo Johnson [Hot Creations]
Carl Taylor – I Found Lovin’ [Auterform]
Lavonte’s Groove – Let’s Take It Back (NY Stomp Remix) [4 Lux Black]
House Of Gypsies – Sume Sigh Say (Da Man’s Junglisticly Mix) [InHouse]
Mome – About The Groove [4 Lux Black]
Swag – So Close [Version]

MxK – A Fatal Crabbing by Kitchen Spasm on Mixcloud

Some “back in the day” house music mixes

As well as the BRAWLcast I have a house music based podcast called Kitchen Spasm which I run under my (not so) secret alias: DJ Kitchen.

The past couple of mixes on the Kitchen Spasm podcast have been a look back at the kind of music Neil and I were playing between the years of 1998 – 2001/2-ish (roughly).

Brett Johnson – Stucco Homes [Classic]
Peace Division – Bounce To This (Remix) [NRK]
Gemini – In My Head [Classic]
Blue Six – Music & Wine (Th’Attaboy Vocal) [Naked Music]
DJ Rork – I Wanna See You Come Down (RK’s Mix) [Serial]
Naked Music NYC – It’s Love (Joshua’s Mo Musique Vocal) [OM]
Akabu – Your Wildest Dreams (Joey Negro’s Medusa Mix) [NRK]
Fresh & Low – Love Capsule Deluxe (Soul Purpose Remix) [Airtight]
Eddie Richards – Someday [SOCO Audio]
Pure Science – Burnin’ Babe [B+Positive]
Plastic Avengers – Stereo (Hipp-E Remix) [Soma]
Trancesetters – Roaches (Peace Division Remix) [Hooj]
Joff Roach – Analysis [Hooj]
Moonface – Roton [Bedrock]
X-Press 2 – Lazy (Peace Division Remix) [Skint]
Blu Peter – Funky Suite (FC Kahuna’s Headstart Mix) [React]
Ubu – Pixels (Hipp-E’s Twisted Mix) [Azuli]
Hipp-E & Tony – Come On [Nightshift]
6400 Crew – Mango Drum [Siesta]
Soul Interactive – Riddem Control [Soma]
Hipp-E – Down On Me [Doubledown]
Rocket – People (Jeno’s Stormy Weather Mix) [Grayhound]
Joeski & Chus – El Amor (Peace Division’s Deeper Mix) [NRK]
DJ Linus – Who Stole The Soul [Brique Rouge]
Ty Tek & Little Mike – Strange Vacation (Mike & Ty’s Sleep Deprivation Mix) [Phrunky]
Floppy Sounds – Team Realness [Wave Music]

Swayzak – Speedboat [Swayzak]
Sci-Phi – Human Spirit [Lunar Tunes]
Eddie Richards – iMove [Lunar Tunes]
Fred Nasen – Sunday Visitor (The Mingers Remix) [Visitor]
Hipp-E – Primary Function [Doubledown]
Autonomous Soul – Our Time (Peace Division Dub) [Plastica]
DJ Dan – Put That Record Back On (Peace Division Remix) [Kinteic]
6400 Crew – Dubb Me Some’tin Fresh [Yoshitoshi]
DJ Rasoul – Oh Baby [Soulfood]
Two Right Wrongans – Sorry Mate You’ve Got The Wrong House (Big Hair’s Get-Your-Mudma-Next-Door Remix) [Wrong]
Layo & Bushwacka! – Ear Candy [End Recordings]
DJ Garth & ETI – Disco Glory (Rocket’s Rough & Raw Mix) [Grayhound]
Rocket – People [Grayhound]
Halo Varga – Future [Siesta]
Mike & Charlie – I Get Live (Headbanger Boogie Mix) [Regal]
Nathan Coles – Plip Plop You Don’t Stop [End Recordings]
Hakan Lidbo – Natty Roots [Worship]
Solomonic Sound – Night Life [Worship]

Inspired by these mixes, my friend Tom has done one as well, his contains tracks that were the soundtrack to the year he moved to London to go to Uni.

51 days – Paper moon (1994)
TLS – Glide by shooting (1996)
Soda – Solo sour (2004)
Housey doingz – Naff off (1997)
The Inhabitants – Mistaken identity (2002)
E.B.E – Distraught (1999)
Pure Science – Getting down (2000)
Primitive Translations – Untitled (1998)
Bushwacka – I wanna get high (2003)
Zorro – Orange (2001)
John Tejada – You think of everything (1998)
Urban Response – Mission complete (1998)

BRAWLcast #051 :: DJ Kitchen – Variable Spin

DJ Kitchen – Variable Spin

After last weeks monster ]dD[ rinseout it’s time for something a little more relaxing…


The Timewriter – Soul Freak Music (Terry Lee Brown Jnr Remix) [Plastic City]
Scope – Feel It (The Timewriter Remix) [BEEF]
Franck Roger – I Wanna Say [FR Productions]
The Timewriter – So Free (Sasse Remix) [Plastic City]
Milton Jackson – You Don’t Know (Gorge Remix) [Tronicsole]
Surrealism – So Much [Noir Music]
Phonique ft. Ian Whitelaw – Our Time Our Choice (Andre Lodemann Dub) [Dessous]
Milton Jackson – Randoms [Tronicsole]
Sasse – On My Mind (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [Moodmusic]
Dominic Martin – Tribal Tool [Tronicsole]
Joyce Muniz – No Calls [Exploited]
The Timewriter – High On 24 [Plastic City]
So Inagawa – 1.168 [Relaxine]
Mic Newman – Filthy Forever [Freerange]
Tom Middleton – One Clap Wonder (Milton Jackson Remix) [Dark Energy]
Barrio Brothers – Hold On To Your Love (Blakdoctor Dub) [Shaboom]

BRAWLcast051 DJ Kitchen – Variable Spin by Kitchen Spasm

BRAWLcast #046 :: DJ Kitchen – Energy Control De Luxe

DJ Kitchen – Energy Control De Luxe

Breathe deeply, it’s the smell of deep house wafting over from the kitchenette…


100Hz – Smooch [Format]
Pete Dafeet – Future You [Lost My Dog]
Jennifer Cardini & Shonky – Tuesday Paranoia [Crosstown Rebels]
Tera Deva – Fresh Start (Derrick Carter Redub Dub) [NRK]
Rithma – Caves, Tunnels (Johnny Fiasco Remix) [Terraform]
Shur-i-Kan & Milton Jackson – Swap Shop [Winding Road]
Will Saul & Mike Monday – Sequence 1 (Scuba Remix) [Aus Music]
Palm Skin Productions / Milton Jackson / HiRO – It’s a Garage Thing 2010 [Tronicsole]
3 Channels – Jack In [Trenton Records]
Cope – Future (Lego Dub – HiRO Edit) [Tronicsole]
The Timewriter – Revealing The Sound (Milton Jackson’s Dark Matter Remix) [Plastic City]
Nikola Gala – I Get U [Freerange]
Budai & Vic – D.I.SZ.K.O. (Robert Rodriguez Remix) [Discoteca]
Danny Serrano – Osaka [Neurotrax Deluxe]
Alphawezen – Days (The Timewriter Remix) [Mole Listening Pearls]
Ian Pooley – All Nite (The Timewriter Remix) [Pooled]

BRAWLcast046 DJ Kitchen – Energy Control De Luxe by Digital Distortions

BRAWLcast #040 :: DJ Kitchen – Nightmares of Defrosting The Freezer

DJ Kitchen – Nightmares of Defrosting The Freezer


Get Fucked – Frequency Building [Eukahouse]
Housey Doingz – Without You (Dub) [Surreal]
C Soul – Everybody (Nathan Coles Remix) [On The House]
Dyed Soundroom – Naked (Rhythm Dub) (Luke Solomon Unreleased Mix)
Terry Francis – Took From Me [Surreal]
Pure Science – Discombobulate [B+Positive]
Get Fucked – Dark & Dirty [Eukahouse]
Joby – Back In The Front
Sam Ball – Axcess (Nathan Coles & Dave Coker Access Mix) [Cubism]
Glimpse – Walk Tall (Maceo Plex Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Get Fucked – Fiddley Tits [Is This]
Digital Primate – Get Your Crack In The Centre (Eric Powell & Jorge Jaramillo Mix) [Bush]
Mark Ambrose – Tuned Groove [Wiggle]
Andreas Jornvil – Ur Soul [Comfortable]
Atom Heart – I Feel It [Rather Interesting]
Tom Middleton – Cicadas [Lo:Rise]
Zero 7 – Destiny (Photek Remix) [Ultimate Dilemma]

Dj Kitchen – Nightmares Of Defrosting The Freezer by Brawlcast on Mixcloud

BRAWLcast #037 :: DJ Kitchen – Two Doors Down

The undisputed nobody of house returns with this smooth blend of deepness…

DJ Kitchen – Two Doors Down


Claude VonStroke – Aundy [Dirtybird]
Soul Minority – Gotta Move [Elevation]
Pezzner – Chiuso Per Ferie [Freerange]
Blakkat – In This World (Bkat DTLA Dub Mix) [Mild Pitch]
One Fingered Pocket – Free Your Mind (Winter Nightz Mix) [Amfibius]
Mousse T ft. Suzie – All Nite Long (D.I.S.C.O.) (Milton Jackson Remix) [Doppelgänger]
Nils Nuernberg & Florian Kruse – The Brush (Tom Middleton Liquitech Mix) [Dark Energy]
MVIP – Aviator (Pooley Dub Mix) [Pooledmusic]
Robert Babicz – Astor (Shur-I-Kan Remix) [Systematic]
Ian Pooley – My Kicks (Vincenzo Lovebirds Remix) [Pooledmusic]
Ian Pooley – What I Got (Derrick Carter Vocal Remix) [Pooledmusic]
Doc Martin – Set Me Free (Doc’s Acid Groove) [Shaboom]
Barbara Tucker – I Get Lifted (Duck Beats) [Strictly Rhythm]
DJ Motion – Crazy Drum (Paul Johnson Dancefloor Dub) [Shaboom]
Grand High Priest – Mixdown [Strictly Rhythm]
Julien Chaptal – Pump [Remote Area]
Bushwacka! – Bluntski [Plank]
Milton Jackson – The Rhythm Track (Jimpster Remix) [Freerange]
Two Right Wrongans – Sorry Mate You’ve Got The Wrong House [Wrong]
Marshall Jefferson & Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix) [Plastic City]
Dan & Phil – Brighter [Pooledmusic]

BRAWLcast #023 :: DJ Kitchen – Rocket Science

DJ Kitchen – Rocket Science


Narcotik – Blue [Zero Tolerance]
Nubreed – Food For Thought (Dark Alley Remix) [Zero Tolerance]
Pete Lazonaby – Sacred Cycles (Medway Remix) [Hooj]
ASAP – Save The Trees [Zero Tolerance]
Leftfield – Afro-Left [Hard Hands]
Deep Funk Project – Dirty Logic [Zero Tolerance]
BT – Mercury and Solace [Headspace]
Cass – Emotion Surfer [Choo Choo]
Farley & Heller – Rising Sun (Bedrock Remix) [Junior]
Digital Mind Control – Darkness [Zero Tolerance]
InFluenza & Misfilter – Want It All [Sinister]
Nubreed – Welcome [Zero Tolerance]

BRAWLcast #008 :: Bushby – Advanced Idea Mechanics

Bushby – Advanced Idea Mechanics


Tijuana – Groove Is In The Air (Moonface Remix) [Bedrock]
Moonface – Roton [Bedrock]
Bedrock – Beautiful Strange (Moonface Remix) [Bedrock]
2 Boys 1 Girl – Twisted [Baroque]
Moonface – Futurised Fears (Unreleased Mix) [Bedrock]
Neil Himmons – Play [Baroque]
Tilt – Seduction of Orpheus (Tarrantella & Redanka Remix) [Hooj]
Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Pariah’s ‘Banjo’ Mix) [Hooj]
Jimpy – Talkin’ (Tarrantella & Redanka Remix) [Whoop!]
Tilt – 36 (Tilt’s ‘Hydravox’ Mix) [Hooj]
Bedrock – Voices (Slacker’s ‘Dumbstruck’ Edit) [Bedrock]
Slacker – Fusion [Jukebox In The Sky]
Danny Tenaglia – Turn Me on (Bedrock Remix) [Twisted]
Goldie – Inner City Life (Rabbit In The Moon’s Vocalic City) [FFRR]

BRAWLcast #005 :: DJ Kitchen – Out of Sink


Housey Doingz – Fonki [Wiggle]
Bushwacka! – Shock Horror [End Recordings]
Eddie Richards – Someday [SOCO Audio]
Get Fucked – Slap [Plastic City]
Christian Cambas – Coded Love (Nathan Coles Remix) [Intrinsic]
Haris – Right Information [Laus]
Tom Baker & Timmy S – The Quiz Mistress [Evasive]
Grant Dell – We Go Deep [Visitor]
Housey Doingz – Chess With Dwarves [Abnormal]
Joystick – Listen Do You Hear It [Yoshitoshi]
Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Brix Mix) [Multiply]
Robert Armani – Frequency [ACV]
Green Velvet – Answering Machine [Music Man]
John Thomas – Basic Voice (The Very Brazilian Show Remix) [Mirage]
Steve Rachmad – Chios [Music Man]
Richard Brown – Fibonacci (Edit From Fuse Live Set) [Music Man]
Green Velvet – Land of The Lost (Pooley’s Infected Mix) [Music Man]

Bushby – IDENTIFY 2007-08-26 Part 1

Bushby – IDENTIFY 2007-08-26


Blaze – My Beat (Derrick Carter Remix) [Blue & Black]
A Guy Called Gerald – Bumpt [Laboratory Instinct]
Louis Digital – Relax [Arcola]
DJ Slugo – Move Something [Ghetto Test Chicago]
Da Mongoloids – Spark Da Meth (Bid Beats) [Strictly Rhythm]
Sweet Clones – Vince’s Big Con (DJ Sneak Remix) [Robsoul]
Dave Turov – Help [Moodgadget]
Christian Cambas – Coded Love (Nathan Coles Remix) [Intrinsic]
Get Fucked – Slinger Dinger [Plastic City]
Huggy Factor – Modal Nodes (Fabric Dub) [20:20 Vision]
Kimara Lovelace – I Luv You More (Full Swing Dub) [King Street Sounds]
Def Inc. – Waking The Dread (Switch Remix) [Spin Out]
Brett Johnson – The Underground (DJ Sneak Remix) [Magnetic]
Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Barefacts Mix) [Atlantic Jaxx]
Rosie Brown – Bliss (D’s Boom Blap Beep Beats) [dotbleep]
Basement Jaxx – Make Me Sweat [Atlantic Jaxx]
BRS ft. Rachel Roberts – Stop Playing Around (Rhythm Plate Remix) [Flat & Round]