BRAWLcast #031 :: dcom – Zero History

dcom – Zero history


Svreca – Erosion [Semantica SEMANTICA18]
Orphx – Stillpoint [Sonic Groove SG1039]
SP-X – SP-17 [Komisch KOMISCH005]
Audio Injection – Normal World [Droid Behavior DROID10]
Remute – Flesh [DBH Music EME003]
Gary Beck – Consumed [Edit-Select EDITSELECT010]
Phase – Further Trials [Token TOKEN16]
Lucy – Beautiful People [Mote-Evolver MOTE019]
Bobby Dowell – Crash (Submerge Remix) [Slap Jaxx SLAPX005]
Hans Bouffmyhre – Morning Tinnitus (Hans Bouffmyhre Still Ringing Remix) [Synewave SW94]
Traversable Wormhole – Exiting The Milkyway (Surgeon Remix) [CLR CLR037]
Voidloss – Moment Of Total Emptiness [Dynamic Reflection DR006]
Reeko – Women Of Black Glove [Planet Rhythm PRRUK075]
Max M – Egg (Bas Mooy Remix) [M.Recs MRECLTD02]
Asagoaudio – Bear Said Don’t Worry [Injected Poison IP004]
Dipole – – Pole [Sonic Groove SG1042]
Planetary Assault Systems – GT (Function and Jerome Sydenham Mix) [Mote-Evolver MOTE018]
Submerge – Black Mamba [Mote-Evolver MOTE016]
Surgeon – Compliance Momentum [Dynamic Tension DTR010]
Jose Pouj – Meta (Oscar Mulero Two Way Mirror Mix) [Injected Poison IP004]
J. Leyend – Surgehole [Monkey Recs MONKEYRECS001]
Joton – CWTW [Newrhythmic NR09]
Exium/Gayle San – Mob1 [Nheoma NH08]
Bas Mooy – Play Dead [Planet Rhythm PRRUK072]
Carlos Rios – Police State (Paul Mac Remix) [Underground Liberation UL009]
Grovskopa & Luka Baumann – Dirty Dirty Wash Wash [Newrhythmic NR09]
Reeko – Ribbon [Palicavonzvreca PVC8]
Kike Pravda – Warrior [Injected Poison IP003]
A. Paul – Mirage [Planet Rhythm PRRUK074]
Ancient Methods vs Adam X – Proarrhythmia (Adam X Mix) [Sonic Groove SG1041]
Paul Damage – Untitled (A1) [Jactation JACT005]
Christian Wünsch – Black Horizon (Inigo Kennedy Mix) [Audio Assault AAR035]
I. Villasante – Access To My World [Dual Breathing DUAL001]
Ryuji Takeuchi – End Of Despair [Master Traxx MAXX019]
Forward Strategy Group – Code #1 [Perc Trax TPT035]
Go Hiyama – Survival [Token TOKEN15]
Marcel Fengler – Thwack [Mote-Evolver MOTE017
Robert Hood – Alpha [M-Plant M.PM6]
Jonas Kopp – Alkitran [Stroboscopic Artefacts SA006]
Reeko – Untitled (A2) [Mental Disorder MD12]
Oscar Mulero – Simulated Visibility [Pole POLE004]
DJ Pepo – Chatis, My Boxer Dog [Emphatic EMPHATIC008]
Oscar Mulero – Nothing To Prove [Warm Up WU25]

Nuutti-Iivari Meriläinen aka dcom was born immersed into a world of music, starting with classical music studies and playing several traditional instruments before his teen years. His interest towards electronic dance music and away from more traditional forms was initiated by a trip to Ibiza in 1989, where experiencing the raw intensity of acid house and deepness of new beat kicked off an obsession that has gradually filled up his record shelves and built up his distinctly individual and eclectic taste.

After debuting as a DJ in the early 90s in his home town of Tampere dcom has cemented his reputation as a constantly evolving, solid and sharp-skilled performer playing in events of all sizes around Finland, eventually moving to Turku in 2005. Probably best known for his brutal techno and electro sets, his wide range of available genres (among others) also includes IDM, ambient, and fierce, unrelenting dubstep.

dcom has never been a favourite of the crowds, but as a highly skilled and stubbornly individual DJ still playing only vinyl he has carved a personal niche for himself in the Finnish electronic dance music scene. After almost twenty years of deejaying, and never one to follow trends, he still keeps on instinctively violating expectations with his dark electronic soundscapes.

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